Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Desperate Need!

I was all set with a post this evening. And then, I checked the blogs I follow regularly. One of them has broken my heart. If there was any way that I could convince Mark that we were to bring home another child, I think this would be it. 

There is a little girl named Beth who is 20 months old. She is living in another country and was born with spina bifida and hydrocephaly (just like our precious Maia). For those of you who may not know what those conditions are, spina bifida means that part of the spinal cord is outside the body. Surgery is necessary to correct this, but most people have neurological deficits as a result. Hydrocephaly is basically water on the brain. The body does not drain fluid from the ventricles of the brain correctly. This results in swelling and pressure in the brain. These are both treatable conditions. But if left untreated, the long term effects are severe. 

Anyway... the government in Beth's country finally allowed her to have a shunt placed for her hydrocephaly. However, they have not allowed her to have surgery for the spina bifida. She has a "large, gaping wound on her back."  Sometimes, the caregivers place a plastic donut over the area to protect it and relieve a little pressure. But oh my... the potential for infection, the immobility, this is truly a life-threatening situation. This beautiful, beautiful little girl needs a family NOW. 

This could have been Maia!  I can not imagine the world without this sweet face!! She brings such joy to our lives and those she meets!

The thought of Beth lying in an orphanage with no hope of the life-saving surgeries and care that she needs is heart breaking. Are you considering adoption? Is Beth your daughter? Please visit Adeye's blog to see her. If nothing else, pray for this beautiful child to find her forever family!! Please!

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