Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Storm the gates of heaven for our little girl

Oh my friends, we need your prayers and we need them desperately for our sweet Maia. The MRI of her brain showed 3 pockets of a horrible infection. Two pockets are located on one side and one pocket on the other. The "best option for treatment" is to drill four burr holes (one each side, front and back). A catheter will be threaded through these to irrigate the pockets and hopefully, clear the infection.

If this is unsuccesful, Maia will likely undergo two craniotomies (at separate times). They will open up one side of her skull, clean out the infection, leave the bone out for a period of time to ensure no further concerns before replacing. After a period of "recovery," the procedure would be repeated on the opposite side.

There is no doubt in my mind that God has great plans for our Miss Maia and the devil is doing everything in his minute power to thwart that. But we serve a loving heavenly Father who has held Maia in His arms since birth. He will be holding her even when we can't.

Surgery will be tomorrow morning. The surgeons want to ensure they have all the right people in that OR and that they are thoughtful about how they will proceed instead of rushing her to surgery tonight. That definitely makes sense.

After receiving this difficult news, God truly blessed us tonight. I was able to hold my precious girl for a little while. She has also had some awake periods. She said "mommy" and has giggled as we teased her with her funny nicknames. What a gift! Having those priceless moments to hold on to as we send Maia for surgery gives me peace.

Thank you to all who have been praying for us. We are being carried by your prayers and love. God is good ALL THE TIME and HE reigns. There is NO other!

I will add one other prayer request for Matthew specifically. This is going to be a challenging time, trying to keep things as "normal" as possible for him while still being here for Maia. If any of you reading have faced this type of situation with your adopted kiddos (because of the attachment issues), I would love to hear any advice you can offer.

I will try to update as I am able tomorrow.


  1. Sending all of our thoughts, prayers and love to sweet Maia, you and your family!!

  2. Praying, praying, praying!!!! The body is an amazing thing and can do amazing things and go through so much with God!! I'm thinking about your sweet family and amazing little girl! Praying for strength for all of you during this time!!

  3. Oh Melanie I will continue to pray and plase keep us updated. I wish I were there to come give you a hug!

  4. May the Lord continue to hold all of you in the palm of His hand. Praying for all of you!!!!

  5. praying for you and all you are going through. i will let nancy know.

  6. Praying for your beautiful little Maia


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