Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, October 30, 2009

One late Thankful Thursday item

When I joined Mark's family, I was blessed with not one, but two grandmas. I was very close to my maternal grandparents growing up, my grandmother passed away in 1989 and my grandfather in 1996. So, this was a precious gift to me! I have special memories of time spent with Grandma Paulson - she passed away a couple of years ago. Grandma Hansen is 97 years young and recently was hospitalized after a fall. We found out last night that she has returned to her apartment and I am SO thankful for God's healing. I know that Grandma is happiest in her own space (as we all are) - she is blessed with a wonderful caregiver Joan who helps make this possible.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I've written and re-written this post for the past hour and for whatever reason, the words are just not flowing right this evening. Grrr... but, there are things to be thankful for this Thursday.

1. All of you - Mark and I appreciate the ability to share our adoption journey with our bloggy friends and family. I'm always hoping for more "followers" so feel free to join us as we travel this path and share our blog with others. You may be instrumental in helping our dreams of parenthood come true! Hmmm - I've even been thinking about some type of contest along these lines. Still working out the details, but doesn't everyone like the idea of winning something?

2. Weekend plans with my hubby!! We are celebrating our anniversary a little late, but I am looking forward to time with this terrific guy that I am married to!

I know... nothing profound this week, but that's ok. Is there such a thing as blogger's block (like writer's block)? If so, I'm pretty sure that's what I have! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Huge Thank You!

One of my projects for my gerontological nursing class this semester was to teach elementary age children about safety hazards for the elderly.

I contacted a private Lutheran school nearby and asked if they would be willing to have me talk to their students. I was thrilled when the administrator agreed.

So... today was the day and there are a few thank-you's to make!

1. Thank you to Grace Lutheran School and Patty for allowing me to visit the students today.

2. My co-workers provided some terrific ideas to incorporate into my teaching project and I am grateful for their input.

3. My wonderful husband and terrific mother-in-law were kind enough to be my assistants for today. Not only did they both do an awesome job with their groups of kids, it was nice to have a little "moral support," too!

This really turned out to be a fun project. We set up interactive stations for the kids to simulate what is is like to have vision and sensory impairments and talked about what they could do to help out their grandparents/older friends. I think they enjoyed the experience and I know I did.

So again, thank you to everyone who was part of this fun learning opportunity.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Power of Prayer

It has really been an up and down week. We've been on "vacation" - doing things around the house, trying to catch up on school work (unsuccesfully), and enjoying some time together. That has been very nice!!

But, we've had some not so great things happen which have been very discouraging. It started out with the 4-wheeler and generator being stolen. A few other incidents occurred over the course of the week (won't go into specifics) and the final straw was yesterday. Mark had bought a replacement generator, brought it home, and it wouldn't work. He called the store Friday evening and was told bring it in, no problem - it would be replaced. Yesterday, he took it back to the store where he was told he could NOT exchange it. He called to tell me this and it really upset me. To spend $400 on a generator we can't use is not something we can afford right now. After hanging up the phone, I started crying and then decided that maybe instead of just crying I should pray. I poured out my heart to God, told Him that I was feeling so discouraged after everything that had happened this week. That I know Mark and I are very blessed in our lives and that I wasn't complaining, but that I felt like the devil was working overtime focusing on us. I asked God to intervene on our behalf.

No more than 2 minutes after I finished my prayer, the phone rang. It was the manager of the store calling to say that there had been miscommunication. He asked if I could reach Mark and have him to return to the store. They would exchange the generator!! :)

Now, this in itself was proof that God listens to our concerns and responds. However, something else happened that made it even more precious to me. Two of my classmates are experiencing some VERY tragic situations right now in their personal lives. I found out about these circumstances on Friday and Saturday evening and have been praying for them since then.

When I think about God, who cares for Audrey and Kerri (my classmates) - and meeting their great needs, mine seem very insignificant in comparison. They are not matters of life or death. However, God reminds me that every prayer is important to Him and that He wants us to come to Him in everything. So... when you question whether you should "bother" God with a small matter, I encourage you to remember that no problem is too small to take to Him. Even if He doesn't answer the way you hope, it doesn't mean that He doesn't care - just that He has a different plan for you!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today would be thankful Thursday. I am thankful that Brad was able to help me get the motorhome back from the cabin before the lines froze.

Oh one more thing. Today is our 4th aniversery, I guess that is something to be thankful for. That Melanie has put up with me for that long.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Melanie's Birthday

Tuesday was Melanie's Birthday. On Monday she wanted to go 4-wheeling. About 2 weeks ago I got her a new 4-wheeler but didn't let her know until she said she wanted to go use the wheelers. I picked up her new one (2006 Suzuki) and brought it home. My Mother made a nice red bow to put on it. As we were using them at Snake Creek (by Kellogg MN) she forced me to try it, she took off with the old one and I drove her new one through a big mud hole. Well maybe not all the way through. I got it stuck bad and had to sit there 'till she came back to get me.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Officially ready and waiting!

I've shared that we have been officially approved for our adoption, but we had been waiting for our profile to be posted on our agency's website. For me, things just didn't seem "real" without that last piece.

As of yesterday, we are now a "waiting adoptive family!" If you would like to check out the website, you can click here. A short version of our "dear birth parent" letter is there as well.

Just another step in our adoption journey - a little closer to holding our precious child!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Forever families - a beautiful video!

Please take the time to watch this video (before you start it, scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause the sound) - you will see some of the Reece's Rainbow kids with their forever families! Every child deserves a mom and dad to call their own. Is one calling your name?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pretty Discouraged

Most of the time our 4-wheelers and generator (for the cabin) are kept at the small farm where Mark keeps his ultra-light plane. We found out today that one of our 4-wheelers and the generator were stolen.

Mark and I are an ordinary, average couple - we aren't particularly materialistic (yes, I know that Mark makes that claim easier than I do). Our "toys" were not the newest, the fastest, or the most expensive when we bought them. And now with me going to school, we don't have extra money at our disposal. Finances are tight and some of the things we used to enjoy have been put on hold until I graduate. But, we do enjoy our 4-wheelers and our cabin. There's not much better than a beautiful fall day spent on a trail with leaves that are changing and the sun shining.

The 4-wheeler that was stolen was our "best" one. It was Mark's and not just used for pleasure, but also plowing snow and projects that required heavier pulling. This is the second time our generator has been stolen. Last year, someone broke into our cabin and took many items that we are still trying to replace including the generator that we use for electricity. Because of that break-in, we started bringing the new generator home every time so that it would be safe. I guess it didn't make much difference.

I remember feeling very violated after our break-in at the cabin. It was hard to feel safe knowing that someone had been on our property and inside our cabin. I know that in the scheme of things, a stolen generator and 4-wheeler are not that important. We are both healthy and have been very blessed in our lives. Eventually, we will find a way to replace the items that we have lost.

In the meantime, the feelings of sadness and violation are there. It's hard for me to understand why someone thinks that it is acceptable to take what doesn't belong to them. I know that there are always reasons, but do they stop to think about the impact that it has on the people they take from?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yep - it's that time of the week again! What are you thankful for today?

#1 - Snow - Not a great picture, but it snowed earlier this week. Here's what our deck looked like as the snow was falling. It melted quickly, but I love snow!! Don't like driving in it, but that's ok.
#2 - God's encouragement - It has been a tough week. I haven't done as well as I would have liked on a couple of tests and I've been pretty discouraged. Now for those of you know me well enough to be shaking your head at my "not as well as I would have liked" comment - seriously, I did not do well. I have been filled with self-doubt about my ability to be a good nurse practitioner, wondered if the self-induced stress of school is worth it. I miss spending time with my hubby, my friends, my family... I've been at the breaking point lately. Yet, in the midst of the struggle, if I stop long enough I can hear God's encouragement. "I don't care what grade you got on your exam, so you weren't perfect, it doesn't matter. I love you anyway." What a great reminder for me personally and as I think about becoming a parent. God (parent) saying to me (child), "So you weren't perfect... I love you ANYWAY!" That is such an important message. Doesn't mean that I don't have to try, doesn't mean that I can give anything less than my best effort - but love is accepting of imperfection. And even more important - love encourages!!
#3 - A few minutes with my hubby - Mark has an extra run tonight and will be leaving with another load as soon as he gets back to work. Fortunately for me, our house is kind of on his way back to work so he is stopping in for a quick shower and peck on the cheek. I'll be happy to see him!
#4 - My brother - 36 years ago today, my brother Jacob was born. If you ask him, he will probably tell you all about what a rotten sister I was. Picking on him, blaming him for things I did, generally making his life miserable. He might even tell you a story about a sister who kicked him in the shin hard enough to warrant an ER visit (yes, there is more to the story than he would tell). Fortunately, I have matured a little bit over those 36 years! Jacob and I are very different souls - and he is a terrific man! Today, I wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

today was a good day to do nothing. I fixed a GFI outlet in our upstairs bathroom. tried to fix the hot tub but that didn't work. we had breakfast at the Byron fire department pancake breakfast then had lunch at church for Norwegian days.


Friday, October 9, 2009

today is friendly friday, Brad is one of my best friends. He is going through some hard times now & I hope it all turns out well for him


Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Night Musings

Had a nice weekend - Mark worked on cleaning out the garage so that I can get my car in there. It's been a while... I wouldn't mind too much except with the weather getting colder, I'm not excited about scraping windows in the morning.

Yesterday, we went to church and our parenting class. It was a good class, talking about the influence that parents have in their child's life. It seems so obvious, but there were some really good (and not so obvious points) as well. Children view the character of God through the actions of their parents. If I tell my child every day that I love them, but my actions don't show it - what message will they take away? If asked, they may say "Yes, my mother loves me." But if asked if they feel loved, the answer will be "No." I want my child to know through my thoughts and actions how much they are loved. Another key concept for me was the importance of a "God-filled normal life." I am definitely imperfect and have a lot of work to do in my personal relationship with God. Still, I hope to be a role model, teaching our child to talk (and listen) to God freely and easily, praying, asking for guidance, wisdom, sharing joys and sorrows, thanking Him for his many blessings. I want it to be a natural part of their life.

Had dinner with Jeanne, Ken, and Tasha last night - it's been too long! We used to get together on a weekly basis, but schedules (mostly mine) have made it challenging. It was wonderful to just sit and catch up. It was also a reminder to me of the importance of making time for friends - and especially Tasha. She is a beautiful young woman and I am very fortunate to be part of her life!

Ok, now on just a cute note... as you may or may not know, I love those croc shoes. I even have a pair of Vikes crocs. Last week at work, we had a Toys for Tots fundraiser. I just had to pick up a couple pairs of these baby crocs - aren't they adorable??? Now, if we are blessed with a boy - I will have to come up with another plan for them, but in the meantime... I will just enjoy looking at these cute things!

Ooops - one last thought for the evening. GO VIKES!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hmmm - what am I thankful for today?

1. I'm thankful that my first test in my Gerontology class is over. I took it this evening, don't know how I did yet. But, the first test in a class is always the worst because you don't know what to expect. So, I can breathe a little easier. Overall, I really like this class and the instructor - it reinforces that working with the elderly is what I want to do!

2. Along that same line, I am thankful for the opportunity to be in school - completing this master's degree. Wish I could say that I enjoy the work, but I can't go that far. However, I am blessed with a husband who supports my goal and has helped to make this a reality for me, as well as friends who provide encouragement and support when I am tired of the journey.

3. I will probably mention this in future Thankful Thursday posts, but I am really thankful that I am on the downhill stretch with school. I am finally starting to feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Graduation is in 217 days - not that I am counting or anything!

4. A family for 2 precious children... There is a beautiful little girl on Reese's Rainbow that I have been praying for, knowing that God had a family for her somewhere. Several months ago, I was so excited to see that a family had committed to bringing her home. This family made an even bigger commitment because they chose to bring home 2 children, "Annie" and a little boy named "Alan." Finding out that the adoptive family lives here in Minnesota made me even happier. There are 2 trips required for this country and the Enbergs are leaving this Saturday for the 2nd trip - finalizing the adoption and bringing the kids home. YAY - 2 less orphans in the world!