Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I was hoping to get the post done this morning, but had computer issues (sigh). Can't let the day end without sharing what I am thankful for.
  • In my last post, I shared about the trike for Maia. As soon as I got done, I started looking for information and prices on-line. I was shocked and completely discouraged. The base models which did not include options which we really wanted for Maia started out at $1100. For as much as I wanted her to have this trike, I knew there was NO way that we could afford that. Truly... how do other families afford these items for their children?? We had already been told that insurance wouldn't cover any of the cost. I was in tears. Mark suggested that we check out Craig*list.  I prayed that God would help us find a trike at the price Mark and I felt we could manage and if He could make it purple, that would be great! There were two trikes listed. One in Rochester and the other in Minneapolis. The closest one looked pretty beat up. It was still $450. The one in the cities was more expensive ($850), but it was purple (Maia's favorite color!) and looked similar to the one she had tried out.  I sent off inquiries. The next morning, I had responses saying they were both still available. Mark was already heading for Minneapolis to do something else so I contacted the seller to see if he could look at it while there. We got it coordinated and off went daddy and Maia. I called Mark about 30 minutes after he arrived at the seller's place and he told me that the trike was Maia's (at the price we agreed upon)! It is the exact trike that she had tested (just an older model). So, we've been going for a bike ride every evening after work. Watching Miss Maia ride her bike is beautiful! She is so excited and the sense of accomplishment is evident in her face. Unfortunately, my video won't upload to FB (too big of file) so I will have to get some pics or a smaller video file to share with you soon!  God answered prayers and blessed our sweet girl with a trike just for her!
  • Tonight, we had a picnic with Maia's classmates and teachers. I am very thankful for the ECSE program that Maia has participated in this year. She has made such progress and I attribute much of that to the amazing staff that work with her. Maia loves school and her teachers, what a blessing that is!
  • The changes that a year can bring. I glanced back at my blog post from last year. At that time, I was still sitting outside Maia's room while she fell asleep every night. Now, we read a book and prayer story, say prayers and give good-night kisses. She stays in bed and falls asleep. I'm very thankful for that!!
  • And in keeping with the changes a year can bring... a year ago at this time, we were waiting for our dossier to be submitted, eager to get back to Ukraine and our son. Now, he's home - learning what it's like to be part of a family, soaking in the love and attention, growing and adjusting to this new world. I'm thankful that God made that possible!
Anyone want to share what you are thankful for this Thursday??

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