Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In surgery

It was about 1:20 when we finally took Maia to the pre-op area. When the orderly arrived with the cart, Maia started to get anxious. And by the time we were in preop, she was near panic. Although Mark and I smiled and tried to reassure her, it broke my heart to see the fear in her eyes. I wanted nothing more than to pick her up and bolt for the nearest exit. Even though this surgery is a step in the right direction, she doesn't understand that. So, we had to give her a kiss and I held it together until she was taken into the OR. Then, Mark had to deal with an emotional wife. ;-)
Surgery started at about 2:25pm. We're waiting to hear from the communicator now.

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  1. I have the feeling that it is the heart under his "emotional wife" which is what Mark adores. Just a guess. Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.


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