Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Today, I am thankful for those two kiddos of mine! They had fun trick or treating. I forgot to take pictures, but we had a Halloween themed dinner with mummy dogs, green eyeballs, Frankenstein's fingers, and mud/dirt/worm dessert. 

Oh, let me also add that black food coloring does not easily wash off -lol!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ah, those precious moments!

This morning, I was having my quiet time before starting the day. I had finished reading my devotions and was writing in my prayer journal when Matthew came in. He was carrying the daily devotions book that we read at bedtime. Matthew asked if I would read a devotion to him and when I said "yes," asked if he could choose the "story." It was about being happy and trusting God even when bad things happen. When we were finished, Matthew commented about a drawing of a little boy who looked like someone in his class. This other little boy is not very nice to Matthew. So, I used the story I had just read to talk about God wanting us to be kind to others even if they are mean to us. We talked about how hard that is, but that it was the right thing to do. My sweet boy was so quiet and serious as we had that discussion. At the end, he said, "yes, mom it is hard. But, I will try." Oh, I tear up just thinking about it. My son has had so many "bad" things happen in his life. :-( but today, I had hope that perhaps we (with God's help) are starting to make a difference in that heart that has been so hurt. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Thursday again. This was an easy post.

- I think I have mentioned that our family has been able to be part of filming of a video honoring parents and caregivers of special needs children. There were over 600 families that participated. We had no expectations that we would be part of the video. It was just a privilege to be part of this amazing project! Last Sunday, we were able to attend the "premiere" party to see the final version of "Angel Child" by Michael Boylan. He is the father of a special needs child himself. Anyway, imagine our surprise and delight when our whole family was in one of the first clips! And then, Matthew and I were in another clip! www.reachformenetwork.com

- I don't know if I will be able to get the pics added in the right order, but so thankful for this face! Good thing that sweet corn season ended before the second tooth came out.

- Tonight, I told Miss Maia to take off her shoes and socks. Here's what I found... AMAZING!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just a quick brag!

We had Matthew's first parent-teacher conference today. For some silly reason, I was nervous. Worried that we would find out he is really struggling. I walked in and sat down in the teeny, tiny kindergarten chair (someone should have had a picture of that -lol!) and his teacher started by saying, "Matthew is doing great! He is such a sweet kid and I love having him in our class." Oh, this Mama's heart was proud! Mrs. K said that Matthew is very polite and tries very hard. Although he is behind his peers in some skills and the effects of his medical issues impact his learning, he is making progress. Woohoo! You keep going, sweet boy - I know God has great plans for you!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

So much to be thankful for this week! 

- We put our old house on the market last Wednesday. Such a good feeling to have it ready. God surpassed my hopes and answered our prayers when we received an offer Monday! If all goes as planned, we will close on November 15!
- Another prayer of thanks to God for time with friends. I was able to get together with my friend Erica, whose son is adopted from the same orphanage as our kiddos. It is totally a blessing to visit with her and talk about the challenges and blessings of raising these children.
- An amazingly breathtaking sunrise this morning as Matthew and I walked out to wait for the bus. I had to run (which I'm sure was a hilarious sight) back to get my camera. What a reminder of God's gifts to us when we stop to notice.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's to be thankful for?

Well, let's see...

- Our old house is officially on the market! We signed the paperwork on Tuesday and it is listed. Such a good feeling. I am praying that God will lead the right people to it and that it will sell quickly.

- I am really glad that tomorrow is Friday. It's been a week of poor sleep (between the kids being up at night and a rotten cold). I don't handle fatigue well (just ask my family) and I am looking forward to a bit of recuperation this weekend.

- Quiet time with God. I've been making it a priority to have time by myself every morning. I read my devotion for the day, and the Bible verses that go along with it, pray, journal a short message to my Heavenly Father... It makes such a difference in my ability to handle the rest of the day. I can always tell the difference when I haven't started my day with Him. 

- Most nights when I put Matthew to bed, I take a few moments and give him a back rub or massage his face (his favorite), arms, or legs. Sometimes while I am doing this, I will pray over him. Usually asking God to fill Matthew's heart with peace and assurance that we love him, that our divine Healer will fill those gaping wounds from my precious boy's previous life, that Matthew will grow in His relationship with God, and that he will be filled with a desire to serve Him with all his heart. Matthew doesn't have much reaction to this and I have often wondered what he thinks. One night last week as we were walking to his room, Matthew asked, "Mom, will you talk to Jesus about me tonight?" Oh, my heart was filled with happiness as I responded "of course, kiddo. I love talking to Jesus about you." In the midst of daily challenges, those are the moments to treasure!

What's on your list this Thursday?