Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank you Sarah B and Debbie H!!

When we first arrived in Ukraine for Maia's adoption, we had dinner with two fellow adoptive families. The Birschbaughs were adopting a little boy Elijah from an orphanage fairly close to Maia's. We were able to see Jill, her friend Debbie (not Debbie H as in the title), and meet Elijah on our way home as well. Like us, Pat and Jill went back to Ukraine to adopt their son Jonathon at about the same time we went back for Matthew. Anyway... their daughter Sarah has blessed us with a Pray for Maia button which you can share with others and place on your blog. You can find it on the upper right corner of our blog home screen. Sarah has an amazing heart for the orphan as well. Thank you Sarah for supporting us in this fight for Maia's recovery!!

The other family that we met in Kyiv that first trip was Jeff Hannon and two of his daughters. Jeff and his wife Debbie (who remained at home with their other children) adopted Matthew and Michael at that same time as Maia's adoption. They also returned to Ukraine to adopt their daughters Sydney and Sarah shortly after we adopted Matthew. Debbie has rallied prayer warriors for our precious girl and I am so blessed to call her friend! Thank you for your commitment to our girl and your faith in the Great Healer!!

It would have been amazing if all three of our families had returned to Ukraine at the same time, but God's timing is perfect and He knows when we will meet again. Anyway... I just want to say thank you to Sarah and the Birschbaugh family as well as Debbie and Jeff Hannon and their family for their support over the past week!! It has blessed us immensely.

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  1. We were blessed to meet Jill & Pat & Johnathan when we were in Ukraine adopting Dariya. Praying for Maia!


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