Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I started a post this morning, but we've been on the go since about early this morning so I apologize for not updating. And I will make a more complete post a little later this evening, but I have to share the most important news.

Maia said four words this afternoon!!!

First, she said "mommy." After we talked for a few minutes, she said "mommy" again. I said, "I'm right here, Maia." And she said, "why?" Then, she said "Hi" to one of the nurses. When we asked her to tell the doctor "hi," she said "No." 

God is good and He answers prayers!! I will give you the full update soon, we're waiting for the neurosurgeon to give us the results of today's MRI.


  1. What wonderful news! Praise God!!!

    The prayers keep coming.

  2. I have been checking all day for an update and this was truly worth the wait wow so happy and we continue to pray for you all until your sweet baby girl is home in your arms where she belongs!!!!!

  3. That is an answered prayer and your hearts must be lighter tonight. Being patient now and accepting small changes for the better is the next challenge when your heart wants Maia back 100%. Celebrate the small victories and soon they will add up to big changes. Continuing to pray for healing for Maia, wisdom for the medical personnel, and patience and peace of mind for you.

  4. So thankful to read this update!! God is good!!! I bet that voice was so cute saying those words!! Music to the ears!! I'll continue to pray, pray, pray!!! Love to your family!!


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