Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

The weeks tend to go by so quickly these days. It's Thursday again and I better get busy because the day is almost over and I haven't shared my list yet.
  • Time with Mark - that is what I was going to blog about on Tuesday when Adeye's blog grabbed my attention instead. When Mark and I began to talk about having kids, I told him how important it was to me that we continued to make our marriage a priority. I didn't see how it could be that difficult. I know... silly, naive thing I was - lol! Since Maia came home, Mark and I really have not taken much time to ourselves. We took a night off last fall, but stayed late visiting with his mom and dad, then came home, slept for about 8 hours and went to pick up the kids. Yep, seriously. Otherwise, we've had a few hours here and there but really not much. Each year for Christmas, Mark buys me a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast. So last weekend, his parents generously agreed to watch the kiddos while we got away for the night. Oh my goodness, it was heavenly!! To spend some uninterrupted time with my hubby was a true gift. We had stayed at this B&B before and I always feel pampered. On Tuesday (my day off), I was thinking about how much I had enjoyed our time together and that I have missed that. My friend Del texted and asked if she could spend a couple of hours with the kids and give us a break. I called Mark to see what he thought and was surprised when he verbalized the exact same thing I was thinking. That the weekend getaway had really made him crave more couple time. We went out for ice cream and a drive. It was relaxing and enjoyable. So thanks to my in-laws and Del for giving us those opportunities to focus on "us."
  • A wonderful massage this evening! Work was stressful at the end of the day and I left feeling like my neck, shoulders, and upper back were hunched up and in knots. Vicky, my massage therapist (and friend) had her work cut out for her. She managed to get rid of some of that tension and I am very appreciative of her! God knew what he was doing when he designed massage therapy! ;-)
  • A good-night kiss from an adorable little guy with brown eyes that made me melt the first time I looked into them.

  • Unconditional love - I surely am unworthy of God's love for me. There are so many times I fail and fail miserably. As a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a human being. Thankfully, God's grace is enough to overcome my shortcomings. I am so blessed to be His child! 
Ok bloggy friends... surprise me! Share your hearts, tell me what you are thankful for today.


  1. Iam thankful for an almost painfree day..everyday when you live with chronic pain is a new day..but i try to be postive everyday..and thank god for being alive..

  2. I am thankful for my beautiful family, a great job and all the wonderful people that I have "met" in the adoption blogger world. The hope and faith of all of these families is absolutely amazing. I am so very blessed the He has chosen to teach me in this very special way.


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