Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, May 17, 2012


So sorry for the delay in updating. It's been another long day. Maia had an MRI this morning. Then, an NG tube was placed so that some of her medications which are not available in IV form can be administered. This will also be used for nutrition. 24 hour EEG (monitoring of her brain activity)was started this afternoon. It has already confirmed ongoing seizures so anti-seizure medications have been increased.
The neurologist was just in and reviewed the MRI with me. There are pockets of fluid in Maia's brain, not sure exactly what they are except that they are not blood - could be infection or protein or ??? Waiting for neurosurgery to decide course of action. They may need to be drained as they are contributing to seizures and mental status.
Her spinal fluid is growing two bacteria. One is E. Coli which is found in stool (feces) and the other is enterococcus which is the same as the bacteria causing Maia's recent urinary tract infection. The million dollar question... how did these get into her spinal fluid?
Maia did say "daddy" this afternoon to Mark and she also clearly said "no" when he asked if she wanted him to sing to her.  Other than that, she has not been very responsive except to be irritable with interaction.  It was good to know that our girl is still there. I'll post more soon, I promise. Just need a chance to process all this.
Matthew's end of the year school celebration was this afternoon so Nana and I attended this. Special day for our little guy in the midst of this difficult time.
Mark and I cannot thank you enough for your prayers. They uplift us and help us to keep going. God will sustain us.


  1. I will continue to pray for your precious Maia. Keep the faith!

  2. Thanks for the updates, Melanie. I shared about Maia tonight at our prayer group. We'll continue to pray!!!


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