Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick update

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for our sweet girl and our family as well. Maia had seizures off and on for about four hours this afternoon/evening. The doctors had already added a new medication this morning after the overnight EEG showed subclinical seizures. So with this afternoon's seizures, Maia got an additional dose of the new med. Over several hours, the seizures slowed, shortened, and tapered off.
As of now, she is opening her eyes and starting to track a little. She is much more uncomfortable following today's surgery and we are trying to keep pain meds on a regular basis. The surgeon met with me tonight and does feel that in spite of the new seizures, Maia is better now than last night. So, that is positive.
Immediate plan is to begin the antibiotic flushes into her brain tomorrow. Please pray that this is effective. From what I understand, Miss Maia is writing the book on the treatment of this type of condition in a child. When Mark asked the neurosurgeon about it, we were told that there is no research or even information about how to treat an infection like hers. It's a little bit scary to think about that.  Not that I care... all that matters is that the infection clears and Maia improves. There is so much more to post, but I am beyond exhausted so I am going to try to get a little sleep while Maia is quiet. Pray that she will have a restful night.
Since tomorrow is Saturday, things should be MUCH quieter. I will try to post a little more detail. Mark and I need to spend some time with Matthew as well. Poor kiddo, he's got to wonder what's going on - even if he doesn't mind hanging out with nana and papa.


  1. I am glad that the doctors think that things are improving. Sending hugs to you and little Maia from Colorado

  2. P R A Y I N G for you all!!!!


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