Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adoption thoughts

It's been hard to blog about the adoption lately. Why? Well, there's not much happening on the adoption front. We called Becky (our social worker) recently to just check in - see if anyone had looked at our portfolio, if there was any feedback about ways we could improve it, etc. Staff at our agency have taken the time to look at it, but no birth parents. It's nothing specific to us - as of right now, there are no birth parents working with our agency right now. None even on the horizon.  :(

From what I understand, this is an issue affecting many agencies today. Societal norms have changed. It's acceptable (and in some cases even a status symbol) to be a single parent, a teenage parent, grandparents raising grandchildren. I understand that. When I think about times when women risked their lives having back-alley abortions or were ostracized for being pregnant, I would much rather have it this way. Raising a child in their family of origin should be the first choice if the situation is right.

However, that makes things more challenging for us. We don't want to be too impatient, but we also want to be open to all of our options. So... there is a lot to consider right now. If you feel so inclined, include us in your prayers asking for God's direction and guidance on our adoption plans.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

monday work

I went to work monday night, Drove the truck to South Dakota.  On the way there I saw lots of cars in the ditch.  One was an ambulance


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thankful Tuesday??

I'm a few days early for Thankful Thursday, but since it's Tuesday - I think that works just as well! 

I am VERY thankful to be home safe this evening. Today was one of my clinical days so I headed out a little before 6am. I drive about 25 miles on a state highway and the rest of the trip (85 miles) is interstate. The state highway tends to be a little "iffy" at times and today was no exception. About 10 miles into my trip, a car was flipped upside down on the opposite side of the road. Kept going and when I hit I-35, the road was dry. YAY! I-90 was all right for about 10 miles, but then there started to be some icy patches. The next 10 miles were passable, but soon turned to glare ice. I was only going about 30mph and had absolutely no traction - Yep, you guessed it. Off into the median I went.

Is that something to be thankful for? Well, not really... HOWEVER, I am thankful that I was not hurt. I'm thankful although I hit a steel post, my vehicle wasn't damaged. The tow truck arrived within about 30 minutes to pull me out so I didn't have to wait long. I followed the tow truck to the truck stop to pay my bill and the clerk commented, "I can't believe you are smiling after this." I have to admit that I was surprised I was smiling, too - lol! I made it safely to Fairmont (only an hour late) and had a good day there. I was a little concerned about the trip home, but figured that things HAD to have improved over the day, right? Well, for about 5 miles the road was fine. Then, it was more of the glare ice. So, I decided to take back roads instead of the interstate. They weren't any better (and in some spots were maybe even worse), but at least I didn't have semi trucks whipping by (sorry, honey!) and I could go as slow as I wanted. On a perfect day, I can make the trip in about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Coming home this evening took me 3 hours.

But, I am home safe and very thankful for that!! I will be sooooo glad when this winter is over - I don't usually complain but this one has been a doozy and made worse by my commute. There is an end in site, though!

One other thing... I really do have a very special hubby! Mark gives me flowers every year for Valentine's Day and he started a tradition with our second V-day together. I get a dozen red roses and then 1 white rose (or other flower) for each V-day that we have shared. So this year, I have an absolutely gorgeous bouquet of 12 long stemmed red roses and 6 pink tulips! Thanks, Mark - I love you!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well today is Saturday, I will be doing thankful Thursday today (this is mark). Today I am thankful I am home.  I had a very long and hard day on Thursday.  My normal work day starts on Wednesday night when I leave for work at about 7:00pm.  This week we (Tom and I, Tom is my driving partner and we ride share to work)  left an hour early because we had a very big load.  When we got to work we had a flat tire on the trailer.  So we are no longer early. Then we got to talk to the shuttle driver (he was bringing the extra trailer to us)  He was nice enough (very very nice) to put two small stops to the side and deliver the biggest stop on that trailer so that we would make it to Chuck E. Cheese before the big dinner rush and they would let us make our delivery. 

Next we had a stop on our second trailer that was on the wrong trailer. It needed to go to o'falen MO.
We were in Racine WI. We put that stop on six pallets and set it on the right side of the trailer so we could finnish doing the normal stops in Racine and Kenosha before going to O'Falen MO. adding about sixteen hours to our day.  This may sound like a gripe and not a thankful Thursday note, but this very long and hard day will make us about $1,200 so that is a good payday for Tom and I.  So my day starded at 6:00 pm Wednesday night and ended Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm when I got home and that makes for a very long hard day.

Now I get to spend Valentine's day with Melanie, this will be number six for us. I'm glad she puts up with me and lets me live in her house with the two cats.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Slowly making my way back

To the land of the living, that is. Started feeling under the weather on Thursday afternoon and by Friday morning, I was down for the count. Symptoms seemed similar to influenza but without the fever so maybe it was just a really nasty respiratory virus. Fortunately, Friday was my day off so I was able to just vegetate. I'm still not 100% but at least 50% which is an improvement - lol!

Another winter storm warning in effect - wish that they would hit on the weekend instead of early in the week because it impacts travel to my clinical site. UGH! I'm anxiously awaiting spring...

On the adoption front, Mark and I have been considering writing a letter which we would send to the pastors of local churches and perhaps school social workers. We recognize that they may not be in a position to recommend us specifically, but they could at least offer our agency's contact information to any potential birth moms. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions about this?  

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Melanie told me to do thankful Thursday.It is now Saturday so I,m sorry to be late.  I am thankful that I was able to take the day off. I called work and asked if anyone needed work from the extra board. (drivers who fill in for sick or vacation days). There were people who needed to work so I stayed home and made Melanie dinner Wednesday night. 

I am not thankful that Melanie is now sick (nothing to do with my dinner). She has been sick for two days.


Monday, February 1, 2010


Last week, I shared that I have been feeling pretty discouraged. I wish that I could say I am over that now, but honestly... I still am struggling with impatience. I admit it - I have control issues. I can deal with almost anything as long as I know what it is that I am facing. I don't like the "unknown." So waiting and wondering is difficult for me. I want to be following whatever path God has for me, right now... I feel kind of like the path is taking me through an area where it is difficult to see. Our adoption and my career are places where I thought I knew where God was leading me, thought I could see the destination - now, I'm not quite so sure. So, I am praying for an open mind and acceptance of whatever path that I/we (Mark & I) are supposed to take. I'm hoping for a sign or "compass" that will give us a glimpse of where we are headed.

I was putting together a bridal shower gift tonight. I had purchased a cute photo album a long time ago - didn't have any plans for it, but it was a good deal and I knew the right opportunity would come along. So, I was flipping through the pages to make sure there wasn't a receipt or something left inside. I noticed a small card tucked in one of the page pockets and pulled it out. It had a picture of a dove with the following verse on it, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him" (Romans 15:13). Now, I KNOW that I did not put that card in the photo album. Hmmmm - maybe God was trying to tell me something.  :)

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