Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Last Few Days

They've been busy ones around here, but so fun as well. I took the day off on Friday, planning to brave the 100 mile garage sale that is an annual event near here. Yep, 100+ miles of rummage sales. There are people who take trailers to haul all of their found treasure!
Instead, I started Friday morning off with a meeting at the school. It was time for review of Maia's IEP and discuss plans for next year. She will be attending pre-school five days/week, 3 days in a typical classroom and 2 days in Early Childhood Special Ed. Maia has made such great progress this year and I am so appreciative of the wonderful teachers she has had!
Matthew completed his testing for ECSE services and will qualify as well. He will attend pre-school five days/week, 3 days in a typical classroom - 2 days in ECSE also. It's a mixed blessing. I want him to get the assistance he needs, but wish he didn't need it in the first place.
Anyway, Maia will attend in the morning and Matthew in the afternoon. We had hoped that they would both be able to attend at the same time so that Mark could get a little reprieve. However, that would have meant that they would be in the same classroom two days a week which would not be a good situation. They are SUCH opposites in their personalities and needs. Plus, there is such competition between the two of them for attention and "things" that we really want to avoid them sharing a class.
So... after the meeting, Matthew and I headed off to garage sale here in town. We had some good mom/son time before meeting Mark and Maia for lunch. Then, Mark took the kids so I could have a couple of hours to shop by myself.
On Saturday, we headed to the cabin for the day. It was our first time this spring and I am always a little apprehensive about how we will find things. There were a few small trees down across the driveway, but that was about it. No mice had built nests in the bed, thank goodness. We got a little clean-up accomplished before heading home late in the afternoon.
Yesterday, went to church and enjoyed some family time in the afternoon. Matthew had his spring school program in the evening. Watching him in the front of the church singing brought me to tears. Thankful to God for allowing us to bring Matthew home and for saving him from a life of mere existence! Love that sweet boy!
This evening brought a second round of tears. The nearby big city Adaptive Park and Rec Dept sponsored an event called "Bikes for Everyone" which showcased adaptive bikes for people with special needs. Matthew does fine riding a regular bike, but Maia just doesn't have the lower extremity strength to pedal the wheels of even a tricycle. However, they had a perfect trike for her! Watching her face and the sense of accomplishment as she pedaled around was beyond precious. We have requested information about the trike and are praying that it will be something we can afford to provide for Maia (trying not to get my hopes up as it is made in Scotland and the gal I spoke to said that she would give me a quote with the options we really want, but that she could take them off if it necessary). I took a video on my phone which shows my beautiful girl riding, but I don't have video capability on the blog. Here's a cute picture, though. Sorry for the poor quality. Yes, the blur in the background is Matthew - lol! He had a blast testing out some of the bikes, too. For those of you who are friends with me on FB, I will try to get the video uploaded there tomorrow.  And that's what we've been up to the past few days.

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  1. Hey, you can check out adaptivemall.com for things like that. They are not cheap though :(

    She looks so happy in the bike :)


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