Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's thoughts

I know that I only worked one day, but it was sure nice to have today off. Both kids had therapy this morning.  I took Matthew to speech therapy. He goes once a week and has been going for about two months now. We have really seen progress in Matthew's speech over the past month or so. And this is in spite of the fact that we have not been very consistent in working with him while Maia was hospitalized. So, we are praying that now that we have the ability to focus on his speech a little more, we will see even more improvement. Because of the neglect Matthew experienced in his first years of life, he did not develop some of the language sounds that you and I take for granted. For example, the word "cold" is pronounced "cone." He isn't able to say "th." But, sounds and pronunciations are coming. He's starting to be able to pronounce the "w" and "l" sounds and I usually do a happy dance for him when he remembers to do that on his own.  ;-)

Mark took Maia to PT and OT while Matthew and I had some "us" time. Her last appointment was Thursday of last week (OT) and Wednesday of last week (PT). Both therapists feel like Maia is making progress with her balance and strength - YAY! I have to again say how appreciative I am of Dr. D. Even though Maia is no longer under his care, he continues to be available to us when Maia is at her therapy appointments. I was concerned about two new scabbed areas on Maia's scalp that are at surgery/incision sites. Dr. D saw Maia today and although he was not urgently concerned, advised continued close monitoring. We follow up with Dr. S next week (Maia's regular spina bifida doc and the one who arranged for her to go to inpatient rehab). 

We had lunch at Mark's parents' and were able to spend a few hours with his sister Sandy which was nice. I think the last time we got together was around Easter. After coming home, Matthew and I had a water fight while Mark and Maia stayed cool inside. 

Quiet evening at home which was wonderful. Tomorrow, we plan to lay low. It's been so warm that I'm reluctant to plan much outside. Matthew can't swim right now because of his surgical incision (no submerging the area on water) and I do have to admit that we might have been a bit "rowdy" during our water fight. But, he had fun. Anyway... may consider finding a parade tomorrow, although Matthew's vote is for a movie. :-)

I had a couple of thoughts roaming around in my head for tonight's post, but I can only remember one - go figure! One of our new blog friends, Pat, left a comment yesterday that included the statement "If three months ago someone had presented you with the scenario you now find yourselves in, you would probably have said "No thanks, we could not manage that."

Pat, you made me stop and think... Yep, you pretty much nailed it on the head. It's a reminder that there is a reason God doesn't show us what our whole life is going to look like at one time. Can you imagine how overwhelming that would be? If I'd known that this was going to be Maia's journey, I would have said "No thanks, God." I don't mean that to say that I wouldn't have wanted to adopt Maia - absolutely NOT, she's our girl! But, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have said, "Bring it (the last seven weeks) on!" either. 

However, here we are with life totally different than Mark or I ever expected. And we do believe that God has a purpose in this situation. So hopefully as the next days/weeks/months unfold, we will continue to be open to what He has planned for us. And I pray that I will be able to accept welcome whatever circumstances He brings our way with grace, trust and faith in my Heavenly Father. His plan is perfect and as I know so well, He can create beauty from ashes. Since he is able to do that and so much more, just think what God can do with such a beautiful, precious girl... 

and an absolutely adorable, melt my heart boy!!


  1. This time off after starting back to work was just what the doctor ordered! It sounds like you had successful appointments and an exceptional water fight. That adorable little guy has mischief written all over his smile. As one who grew up in an all girl family, I relished seeing the world through the eyes of our son when he was a small boy. Mind broadening for sure!

    Appointments that confirm what you already see with Maia are so reassuring. Balance improvement is big,and will allow her to start developing her depth and spatial perception again. This all needs to go in sequence just the same way an infant learns. Praying your beautiful girl can have a sense of accomplishment as she learns new things.

    I struggle at times worrying what could come next in our journey with Kris, and as a result my go to bible verse is Matthew the 6th chapter, 34th verse. "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own troubles be sufficient for the day."

    Praying you have a relaxed 4th of July

  2. Melanie-Thank you for that post. It so spoke to me and exactly where we are right now...your words about God and the big picture will stay with me...sending you so much love...Jane

  3. Love that flower headband on Maia! Beautiful! It's so fun to see Matthew's "aliveness" too vs. a year ago. What a cutie! :-)

    Wonderful to hear they are both making some progress in their therapies too. (You might already know this, but the "th" sound isn't used in Russian, so that might be part Matthew's delay w/ that sound. He will get there though!)

    Enjoy your day tomorrow! Happy 4th!

  4. YAY!!! for a good day. WOOO HOOO for progress with pt. Just wait and see the ot will progress too, Maia has already started her progress with knocking things over purposefully.
    She is amazing us. God has His plan for her life and she is in the centre of His will.
    Matthew is doing so very well. He is doing amazing with his progress.
    Happy 4th of July!! Hope you have a fun family day. Celebrate the good things.
    Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.


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