Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nothing new

It was so good to have rain overnight and early this morning. The farmers certainly need it for their crops and it helped cool things off for a bit (although as soon as the sun came out, the heat was back). Poor Maia, the bus got here this morning and we were getting her settled on the wheelchair lift when I realized that I was holding the umbrella over my head, but not hers. Fortunately, it was just sprinkling and also... her hair isn't going to be affected by a bit of rain - lol!
When the bus stopped in front of our house to drop her off after school, there was a smile on her face when the door opened and she could see me. What a sweet moment that was! To have that bit of recognition and happiness touched my heart.

Matthew had a busy and fun day, too! He had speech therapy this morning and participated well for most of the time. The therapist had a medical resident shadowing her for the day and this doctor had taken care of Maia in the ICU so she was eager to hear how our girl is doing.

After lunch, my friend Del took Matthew swimming while I brought Maia to therapy. Matthew had a wonderful time and again, it was nice for him to enjoy an activity that would be more difficult to bring Maia to. Maia's therapy appt. went well. One of the exercises was walking with a rolling walker and Maia actually held on to it with her left hand for a fair distance by herself. Although it's a baby step, it's still progress.

Maia sees the Neurologist tomorrow afternoon. I'm making my list of questions... some very direct ones. Not sure if I will get any answers, but I have to ask. I know that it doesn't change where we are at now, but I don't think that I am asking anything unreasonable.

We're seeing a bit of regression in some of Matthew's behavior right now. Trying to figure out if this is just related to Maia or if something else is going on. If it crosses your mind, please pray for him.

And that's all that's happening around here!


  1. I consider it real progress that in the same day Maia smiled when she saw you, and she held onto the walker with one hand even if just for a few moments. Her accomplishments though they seem small are actually signs that she is making new connections. I thank God for glimpses of improvement, and I pray that you will see some small consistant changes every day. What would otherwise seem small and inconsequential, is now cause for celebration, and hope.

    I continue to include Matthew in my prayers. This must be difficult for him to understand. Even if he were dealing with none of the upheaval your family has experienced he would have periods of behavior that didn't make you happy. (I know my son did!) The stresses he feels but cannot understand are bound to magnify them. I pray he can continue to feel your love and accept your direction without challenging you.

    I pray for you both Melanie and Mark. It is so difficult to keep positive and accept the slow pace of brain healing. I pray that you can have both peace and hope as you walk this difficult road with Maia.

  2. They are so darn cute!! I'm catching up on blogs! Love reading what's new here! (((HUGS))) and love and prayers from the Archers in St Cloud! :o)

  3. Hi, Melanie! YAY!!! for progress!!!!!! I am so very glad she is happy and doing good with school. Walking with a rolling walker by herself sounds like progress to me!!! See she is amazing us. Look at what she is doing now that she wasn't a month ago. Every smidge of progress makes my heart and spirit happy. Good is happening. Praise God and glorify His holy name, Thankyou Heavenly Father for the progress, healing and miracles that is happening to, and for and in Maia.
    I am very glad you have your list of questions, can you ask one for me, if it's not already on your list, how did Maia lose her speech and what can be done to correct it? I am sure this one is on your list. It still nags at my thoughts, and I'm only your prayer warrior/partner, not the Mom. I hope you can get answers to questions that will help with the changes you are living with. I will be praying for your appt. and for the answers you need. Praying for Matthew too, sorry he is struggling with behaviour issues.
    Praying for all of you.
    Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.


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