Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eventful Sunday morning

I was in the shower this morning when Mark came in and asked me if I had seen Matthew. Um, no... isn't he in his room? Nope. Mark looked everywhere, was calling for him. No Matthew. I raced to get some clothes on and help him look. I called for Matthew and guess where I found him?  Hiding under the kitchen table! He was pretty proud of himself - lol!!

And the excitement didn't end there. Church was over and the kids and I were on the handicap lift going downstairs to the entry while Mark pulled the car up (it was raining). Matthew was pushing the down button. All of a sudden I hear "9-1-1 emergency dispatch, can I help you?" WHAT??? Then, it immediately switches to an automated dispatch for police and first reponders with the address of the church and that the emergency is in the elevator. I'm freaking out, trying to find a cancel button. The automated message says "DO NOT HANG UP." As if I could, there was no way to disconnect the call. After what seemed like an eternity (probably a couple of minutes), the operator came back on the line and I told her that the button had been pushed by mistake. She asked me several times if I was sure that everything was ok and if we needed help sent. I did finally convince her that all was well. UGH!!! I know Matthew didn't push the button on purpose, but really??? He will not be riding the lift for a while.

This happened after one of our church members was mentioning during announcements this morning about how Matthew has matured over the past year - lol!!

I walked Maia up for the children's offering this morning. It was a sweet moment. She isn't able to hold the money or put it in, but it was something she used to do. And the fact that she is able to walk that distance (even with help) is progress. One of the ladies came up after church and told me that she cried seeing Maia. Since seeing Maia in her wheelchair on our first Sunday back, C. has been praying every day that she will be able to walk again. I cried after we got back to our seats, too. Praying that six months from now, Maia will be walking up front by herself. But, more importantly praising God for the recovery she has made so far!


  1. Oh Matthew, way to keep your parents on their toes. He is adding some "variety" to your days, isn't he.

    Maia's ability to walk with help is certainly a sign of improvement and a promise of greater things to come. Praying that this week brings more reason for celebration!

  2. I was praying that very thing for Maia this afternoon. How wonderful she could walk that far today!

  3. Wish we could have been there to see it! Praying , praying for that sweet girl! I am so glad to stay updated on your family while we are so far away. Matthew and his "doings" bring a smile to our face. Quite the boy! Take care. Erica

  4. YaY! For progress!!! Praise the Lord, Thankyou Heavenly Father God. All of this in only one month!!! It will be interesting to see the progress that will be happening in the next month. Our Heavenly Father is amazing. Maia is amazing us isn't she. Praying and believing for her speech. Praying for Matthew and the behaviours. Praying for you and Mark. Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.

  5. What an awesome story of Maia walking up front. Praying with you she will do that on her own again someday very soon!


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