Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Over already?

Seems like the weekends fly by. I always wish there was a bit more time to spend with Mark and the kids. Mark was busy at the fair this weekend, kind of miserable in this heat. I'm ready for cooler weather. Not a fan of heat in the first place... and VERY thankful for our central air.

Yesterday, we drove to the town where Maia will be going to summer school for the next two weeks. Several towns combine their summer school sessions and rotate locations every year. So, Maia will take the bus to a nearby town for her morning summer school. From what I understand, she will have her usual bus driver which I am thankful for. Feeling a little protective about sending her off tomorrow. She will be on the bus for about 45 minutes each way and Mrs. S, who has was one of her teachers last year, will be her teacher so I hope that will help. It's so hard when we just don't know how much she remembers and comprehends. I want to act as if she "gets it" all, but I also don't want to assume that and have her frightened. So anyway, we showed Maia the "new" school.

It was good to be at church today. We had a lazy afternoon. Mark was at the fair and I took the kids outside for a while. Cleaned out the kids' pool and filled it with just a few inches of water. Put Maia in it and she scooted herself around for a while. Did just fine with staying upright by herself.

And that was really about the extent of our excitement this weekend. Matthew will start Bible school tomorrow and it's nice that he has his own special school since Maia will have hers. He has been talking about it constantly for the past couple of days, know he will have fun!

Here are a couple of pics of the kids from the weekend.

Matthew loves school "parks" - they have the best stuff to play on!

Hanging out in the pool!

Making ice soup cream with daddy

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  1. Sometimes quite and unexciting weekends are exactly what is needed. You really are having a hot summer aren't you? Well a wading pool and some ice cream sound like fun to me, and both Maia and Matthew look happy. Hope you start the new work week feeling rested.

    Praying Maia does well at school this week. It is good that Matthew has his own school to look forward to also. Praying Mom can make it through the week without worrying too much!!


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