Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Far behind

I'm so far behind on blogging and a bit off on my dates, too. I was planning to blog tonight and back date the post to yesterday, talking about Maia being home for one month. Well, I went back to old posts and see that she actually came home on June 26. So I really should have done a thankful Thursday blog about that. Sigh... one of these days, I will catch up again.

It's been a busy week. Work has been crazy busy. I tend to be one of those people who like to have my "to-do" list completed before leaving at the end of the day. This week, I was leaving with only the essential things crossed off. UGH!

Matthew had Bible school every evening. Last night, the kids put on a brief program and then, we (parents and kids) watched a movie together. Matthew was full of energy. He really struggles with staying focused and being still, so standing in front of the church for with a group of other kids was difficult for him. But, he does love music and singing - especially when there are motions to go along with the song. It was fun to watch him put his heart into it.

Maia seems to have done well with school this week. She's not napping in the afternoon, I think because she's so "wound up" from the morning. She's managed to make it through the day without too much trouble, although she's had a couple evenings when she's been a little more emotional than usual.

Maia's been making some purposeful movements - like grabbing things and fllinging them or knocking them over/on the floor. It's a challenging situation. On one hand, we're glad that she's making those efforts. However, if we happen to leave something by mistake like a glass of water within her reach, she dumps it. She's knocked the portable DVD player on the floor several times.  This afternoon, I gave her a somewhat stern "No!" when she did that. Maia "hit" me in the face. Now admittedly, she can't hit hard enough to hurt. But, I don't want her to become a spoiled kiddo who acts out and gets away with it. So, we're trying to set limits while still encouraging her to do things that will help her relearn and get stronger.

Had a follow up appointment with her general pediatrician yesterday. Just to check in after her hospitalization. Nothing new came from that appointment.

Matthew was seen by the pediatrician on Wednesday also. He got his next installment of "catch-up" immunizations. Mark had his hands full with that. Matthew has huge anxiety at the doctor's in general. Add three shots to the picture??? Mark had to literally hold him down with his body while the nurse gave the injections. Poor kid. Didn't keep him down long. He's been a little more irritable, but that's about it.

Mark's starting to get ready for the annual fly-in at the small airpark where he keeps his ultralight plane. Every weekend for the next month will be spent working on the grounds in preparation. I'm thinking about things I might do with the kids, today we went for a bike ride before it got too warm. May visit the little zoo nearby next weekend. Or maybe, we'll just be lazy! ;-)

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 

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