Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time flies

My day passes so quickly. Seems like I always have big plans for what I want to accomplish and end up checking few things off my "to do" list. But, does it matter if the house stayed a mess? Not really. It matters more that I spent time with the kiddos. One of these days, Mark and I will have to take a bit of time for us, too.

Matthew had his weekly speech therapy appointment this morning. According to the therapist, he is doing even better than she expected which is wonderful to hear. I am amazed at how much his vocabulary has improved over the past couple of months. Now, we just need to continue working on the pronounciations.

I took Maia to therapy this morning. It's been a couple of weeks since I went so it was nice to talk with the physical therapist. No occupational therapy today as the therapist was off. Anyway, Linda (PT) said she is very happy with how Maia is doing. She notices a difference even in the couple days between visits. Below is a picture of Maia walking with a regular walker. She does well with it, except her hands have to be held on the handles. We haven't figured out what the issue is, but when she was in the PICU, Maia had a huge aversion to anything even touching her hands so there has been progress. She is paying more attention to things and is making more eye contact which is good.

Such a sweet girl... you have to ignore the pamphlet rack in the background. I took the picture in the ED waiting room. 

Spent a little mom/Matthew time this afternoon which was nice. Overall, Mark and I feel like he has done pretty well with the transition home. Thank you for your ongoing prayers in this regard. They are making a difference.

Maia's teacher stopped by this afternoon to talk about summer school. She missed the first session, but we are going to go ahead with the second session and see how she does. It will be two weeks in the morning. I'm so appreciative that Maia will have this opportunity. Feeling a little protective of her, but knowing how much she has enjoyed school - I think it will be good.

Had more I wanted to blog about, but time has run away from me so it will have to wait until later. As always, thank you for your prayers and encouragement!


  1. Hi, Melanie glad to see Maia doing so well with her therapy. YAY, for progress!!!!! Good for you for trying her at school. New steps forward. YAY, Matthew and his progress with his speech!! I agree with your attitude about spending more time with your kiddos and especially your hubby is more important than getting everything done. Being supermom/superwoman is highly overrated.
    I Praise the Lord for all the good happening in your life right now and all the progress that is being made. Covering you all in prayer. Believing for Natalia for her forever family.
    Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.

  2. Your day passes quickly because you have so many things to fit into it! You are busy people right now with work, added therapies, everyday chores and figuring our what your new norm looks like. Makes me tired just thinking about it! You are so right when you say that what needs to be done in your house is not as important as Maia, Matthew, and time with your spouse.

    Maia is bound to benefit from summer school. Just being with the other children will be stimulating and my guess is you will be surprised at what she relearns. If it is too much for her you will know, and her teracher will, too. A teacher that stopped by your house to talk about Maia coming to school again is a teacher who cares about Maia. What a blessing!

    Praying Maia's aversion to touching things with her hands resolves quickly. Makes me wonder if her sense of touch is somehow altered...as in super sensitive. It is great that she is becoming more aware and alert. I keep praying for her healing.

  3. I've thought about and prayed for your family as you adjust to this part of your journey, just haven't had time to post due to our Meya having some really rough nights and this mom is wiped out! So glad that the PT is seeing progress at each session - that is huge! Keep plugging along as Maia heals and shows off her regained skills etc... It's so hard to see regressions, but sometimes it is what it is as our kiddos battle health issues. I know that it feels so sweet to see a skill reemerge when the healing begins. Many prayers as you help your kids to have great life journeys.

  4. I can't tell you where I heard about Maia but I've been praying for her since she went into the hospital. Each time I read a new update I think I should send a note and then I don't...I know this is going to sound wierd but the Lord puts my mom on my mind as I read about your sweet girl. My mom had 2 brain anuerisms years ago. She walks with a walker and she really shouldn't be here. The thing is she was in a bad way when she came home, she had a feeding tube, she didn't speak much.When she did it was seriously crazy. She was not the same person. It didn't take her long to bounce back! In less than a year she was practicing driving and looking forward to going back to work. She has lasting effects physically but mentally she is the same mom as before. Actually, maybe a better version really! She was 50 when this happened to her and the drs were not optimistic about the degree of her recovery because she laid in a coma for a total of 5 MONTHS. Maia is so young and resilient there will be a day when you will be telling her about this time in her life and she(and everyone else) won't believe it! As you live each day its hard to see the little improvements but soon enough you will be attending school conferences where they are telling you she talks TOO MUCH and doesn't sit still!! In the meantime your in my thoughts and prayers. Sheri


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