Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speech evaluation and minor home "surgery"

Maia saw the speech therapist for the first time since leaving the hospital. To be honest, her verbalization has been an ongoing concern for me. She had speech when she was in the ICU. The last time we heard her speak was the afternoon before the drains were removed. No one can (or will) give us any answers about why Maia lost her speech when she was supposedly "improving." She has made sounds since that time. Some of them have resembled words, "ba", "mamam", "no." But, we don't get the sense that she actually associates any of those words with their context. And some of the sounds that she made initially have disappeared. Today's evaluation confirmed that Maia's receptive speech level seems to be at about the 9 month old level and the expressive speech is at around the 4 month old level. Although the speech therapist did not come out and say it directly, I think she is less than optimistic about how much speech Maia will regain. She asked how much improvement the doctors told us we could expect and said that in order for Maia to remain in therapy, she will have to show that she is making progress.

None of it was a surprise, but it still is discouraging to hear. I admit, I'm feeling a bit of that "why me?" right now. It's not really a pity party or feeling sorry for myself, but maybe more appropriate is "what is the purpose in Maia's journey or why does this have to be her journey?" I'm selfish, I don't want her to have to struggle any more than she already has in her life. I want to hear her voice, I want to hear her saying her Bible verses. Her favorite is "Love the Lord your God with all your heart," complete with hand gestures to accompany it. So... ok, I am feeling a little sorry for myself (missing those things. But, I am praying that Maia will amaze us all!

Now, on to my second topic. Yep, a minor procedure was performed here at our home tonight. Matthew came into the kitchen and asked for a kleenix. Hmm... he doesn't usually do that. I looked closer - his nose was bleeding. He went to show Mark. Next thing I hear is Mark putting Matthew on our bed and telling him to lean his head back (I'm thinking... no, that's not what you do for a nosebleed). He asks me to come in, hands me a flashlight, and says "What's in Matthew's nose?" Ummm... it's something blue. A pair of tweezers pulled out a little plastic cling decal from one of Matthew's books. Yep, he put it up there. Ah, the fun life with a five year old - lol!!!


  1. So glad Matthew can give you some comic relief! We've had a few things up noses here too. Very funny to recall those stories. :-)

    I'm so sorry about Maia's speech. :-( I can't begin to imagine how difficult all this is for you. Praying Maia does amaze you all!!!

  2. A cling decal! That had to have been hard work getting that up there! I am so glad to be able to get your blog over here. Even with the kids with us, I'm feeling quite homesick. That usually doesn't happen to me, but I am under the weather and thinking about the meny days we have left.
    We will pray specifically for Maia's speech. I have to believe that any type of therapy she can receive will be good. Praying for iprovements that make the therapist happy so that she will be able to fcontinue treatment.
    I feel like we are walking in your footsteps over here! I hope we are able to "walk the walk" as well as you two have. Love and prayers, Ericq

  3. I am so sorry to hear that the speech therapist is not optimistic about Maia's speech improving. Please keep an open mind about it. As her brain is healing we will pray that her understanding of speech will increase. I think comprehension will come before speech. I pray they have some time before they decide she is not making enough progress. When Kris could not understand what we were saying we continued to talk to her/at her all the time. I named things as I used them, I explained what I was doing, I sang nursery rhymes and children's hymns. The temptation is to be quiet because there is no response. I pray Maia will soon show a little recognition of some language

  4. Good thing you are a nurse practitioner, God knew which parents Matthew needed. Unfazed in any emergency good job Mom and Dad.
    I think overwhelmed, sad, hurt, grieving would be truer words than whining. Besides its your blog and you can say what is on your heart.
    I too wonder why Maia has had to go through this life experience and why she lost her speech. Your her Mom and your heart is aching, breaking. I am praying for her communication for her speech for her voice to come back. Hoping, with blind faith, that there will be miracles for Maia and her voice. Believing, and standing in Gods promises. Praying for you Melanie and for Mark for being so filled with Gods Peace, Love, Power that all the hurt will disappear. Hold onto Hope, sweet girl.
    Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.


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