Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, July 19, 2012

One year ago

One year ago today, we made our last trip to the detsky dom in Sevastopol. One year ago today, a little boy didn't know that his world was about to change in a big way. He woke up that morning not realizing that it would be the last one he spent in an orphanage, the last one without a momma or daddy to tuck him in at night. He didn't realize that he would go to bed that night with a family of his own, a forever family who would love and cherish him! What a privilege to watch the changes that have happened since God blessed us with our son!  Here's a brief look at the past year, month by month.

July 2011 - leaving the detsky dom a son, grandson, nephew, friend - cherished kiddo!

 August 2011 - Is there anything better than boxes to play in?

September 2011 - Playing at the park

October 2011 - School Halloween party (Matthew was an M&M)

November 2011 - First trip to the dentist

December 2011 - a new fishing pole for Christmas, can't wait to go fishing with Papa!

January 2012 - burning off some mid-winter energy 

February 2012 - Baptism

March 2012 - playing at the park in shorts, crazy!!

April 2012 - first tooth is gone!

 May 2012 - Those darn dinosaurs keep eating Matthew's hair.

June 2012 - playing with birthday presents 

 What could be a better present than a puppy? Thanks Grandpa Jerry and Grandmama!

July 2012 - Playing in the kiddie barnyard at the fair

We're celebrating Matthew's "Gotcha Day" on Saturday. What does he want for his special lunch?
A peanut butter sandwich! :-)


  1. He is a beautiful boy! All of the pictures are good but That last picture is simply wonderful.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Celebration-1year!!!!! He is so very handsome. That smile would just melt your heart! Praise God He provided for you and Mark to go and get him.
    Prayers and Hugs for and to you all.
    Jacquelene L.

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Matthew! You are truly loved and cherished by your family. I know they are blessed to have you in their lives.

  4. What a joy to see as I start my day! Warms my heart! Still praying for Maia as she recovers.

  5. Wonderful post! Looking at that picture of your dressing Matthew gives me butterflies! So happy for Matthew, so happy for your family.
    Wanted to let you guys know that we ran into someone who follows your blog. Cass is her name and she is from Ireland. Olga helped her adopt her son and she also has a little girl that she has adopted. She wanted us to pass a greeting on to you. She when Olga introduced us she recognized our last name from your blog. We just happened to run into her in a very crowded spot. Olga didn't even know she was in town. Crazy! A pretty amazing testament to God's oneness and wonder. She has wanted to post, but has had internet trouble while traveling. Such a cool thing! Enjoy your celebration. Erica


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