Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend update

Maia had a pretty good weekend overall. She did vomit a VERY large amount yesterday after lunch (it was more than breakfast and lunch combined). Rehab docs asked Neurology to see Maia (which I was very thankful for). Her white blood count had remained slightly elevated and this was projectile vomiting. Lucky me was sitting right in front of her - lol!

I think her symptoms have more to do with GI problems than the shunt, but I also feel like we can't be too careful. The Neuro doc examined her and told me that she agreed with my concerns, but unless there was a "pattern" of vomiting and mental status changes, Neurosurgery would not likely do anything. I did remind her that Maia has never had the typical symptoms with her shunt problems and she agreed. But, that's as far as things went. She told me that she was going to recommend further GI evaluation which I think is reasonable (although I am really starting to get antsy to be home).  This will be discussed with the docs tomorrow.

Did well for the rest of the day. Maia got to spent time with Nana and Papa while Mark and I took Matthew to a movie. This was the first outing that he's had with both of us since Maia was hospitalized and I think he enjoyed that time together. We saw a 3D movie and I thought Matthew would enjoy it - this was his first 3D movie. Nope - he took his glasses off and told me he wanted to watch it that way. Ok... not worth the extra money for the special effects, although it was really cool.

Today, we had lunch together at the hospital. I got out for a little while this afternoon and Matthew hung out with Nana and Papa for a couple of hours. Please say a prayer for him, he went home tonight complaining of a headache - poor kiddo!

Maia ate breakfast and lunch without any problems. Took her morning and afternoon pills all right, too. Had a small emesis at dinner (nothing like yesterday), but managed her bedtime medications without any further vomiting. She's gotten IV fluids every night to make up for what she's not taking in orally.

Not sure what the plan will be. Will find out more tomorrow morning during "room rounds." This is when the whole team (therapy, nursing, dietary, docs) come to Maia's room to discuss how she's doing. As I mentioned above, I am starting to feel ready to go. I was not comfortable on Friday and am glad she was able to stay.  But since it's the beginning of the week, if we can go home with the appropriate outpatient follow up, I think it would be good. Maia will benefit from being at home, as I think we ALL will.

I'll blog tomorrow as soon as I know more. Thanking God for each of you, may He bless you in every way!!


  1. Praying for her tummy issues. Believing for the right answers. I am thankful that you are a nurse practitioner and know the process to follow and the right questions to get the answers you need. See God knew that Maia needed a professional nurse for a momma. I am glad you are at the point you feel you are all ready to go home and can handle her care at home with the right support. I also think she will do well at home with your love and care and therapy and lots of prayer.
    Believing for all the support and equipment and help you need. Healing and miracles for Maia.
    Heavenly Father God will be with you all every step on this journey.
    Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.

  2. It is good to hear that Maia is eating better. That is another prayer answered. Now prayers for discovery of why her GI tract is so rebellious are on my list.

    You know when you are ready to handle Maia's medical issues at home. These extra days inpationt have given her more days of therapy, time to begin eating with fewer issues, and time for your head and heart to be ready. Praying for good info today during rounds, and a comfortable plan for Maia's care.

    Praying for you all.


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