Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, June 25, 2012

Home tomorrow with no slow down

Grrr.... my whole post just disappeared and now I have to start over. :-(

Yes, Miss Maia is going home tomorrow. We met with the docs this morning. Discussed the GI (vomiting concerns). They offered to ask GI specialists to see Maia before we leave, but also said that they have checked the basic things (abdominal x-ray to rule out obstruction and blood work for liver, pancreas, and kidneys). Advised that GI docs would likely tell us to "give it time."

So, we agreed with plan to get her home. If vomiting continues and we are not able to get enough fluids in for Maia to stay hydrated, I will be on the phone requesting an appointment for her to be seen. We are scheduled to see a dietician in a week and have been given some high calorie supplements to take home. On the positive side, there has been no vomiting today - WOOHOO!!

She will start outpatient therapy on Wednesday. It will be 45 minutes of OT and 45 minutes of PT three times/week. Speech therapy will start in a couple of weeks. Follow up with Neurosurgery in a few weeks (waiting for that appointment). Maia's spina bifida doctor will see her in two weeks and we will schedule an appointment with the general pediatrician within a week.

I'm looking forward to getting Maia home and in familiar surroundings. Praying that we see significant improvement once that happens.I am also anxious to have our family all together again. It's been six weeks since Mark and I have been able to cuddle up together, six weeks since Matthew has had both parents home when he went to sleep. Six weeks since his sister has been home. It's time.

And we will hit the ground running when we get home. Mark has a doctor's appointment tomorrow - routine to get prescriptions refilled. I spent this afternoon at the dentist with a painful tooth and jaw. Found out the tooth is cracked and I will need a root canal, followed by a crown. UGH! One more unanticipated expense. So... Thursday I will be going for my urgent root canal (my first). And on Friday, Matthew has outpatient surgery. How much more excitement can we fit into one week?

That's what I get for telling God a couple of months ago that life seemed quiet and uneventful. ;-) If you would pray for all of these issues, it would be so appreciated. I'm praying that God will just completely remove my tooth problem so that I can cancel Thursday's appointment. Would you join me in that prayer request??

Also, pray for a smooth transition home for all of us. I will try to remember to take pics of Maia's big day tomorrow and will update you tomorrow evening.

Thank you for all of us who have seen us through this difficult six weeks, we hope you will continue to stay in touch and follow our journey.


  1. Thank you very much for the update and I will say a longer prayer tonight to include these things and that the transition back home WILL be as smooth as possible. As I told Mark, the best thing will be getting back to a "normal" routine at home and start from there! PLEASE let me know if I can be of ANY HELP! I will continue to pray for y'all and, of course, still stay in regular contact with Mark to check in on progress and just be a supportive friend... as Mark has been for ME most of my adult life! I am blessed to have friends as awesome as you both and I am looking forward to seeing y'all back home again! Love, Brad

  2. Praise God! So glad you will all be together under one roof. I'll be lifting up your other requests too. Praying!

  3. Praying for smooth transition home. I believe Maia will flourish with pt and ot and being home and loved and cared for by Momma and Daddy and being with Matthew. I think you will all do better being home togethor, loving on each and everyone. Our Heavenly Father God will be there with you, supplying your every need as only He can.
    Praying for your tooth, believing for miracles.
    Although if the dentist knocks you out you could have a nice little rest, ha ha.
    Covering you all in prayer and believing for healing and miracles for Maia and for you Melanie. How is Matthew's headache, or was it from the movie? Too much action and noise?
    I will keep checking in and hoping for updates on Maia and Matthew and all of you.
    Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.

  4. Home will feel so good. I am certain that you will all breathe a sigh of relief to finally be together and it may jump start Maia in her recovery. (Just expect the actual trip home to wear her out...so don't expect to see much the first day.) You will probably be surprised to find you are more tired than you realize, too! Praying for good, long and restful sleep for all of you.

    Sorry to hear about your tooth. I know when I am stressed I clench my teeth. It is hard on those molars. Praying for your comfort and healing. That dental problem is a little more than you bargained for this week!

    Praying that Matthew's procedure goes well with no surprises and rapid recovery.

    I was glad to see that meals are being arranged for you. Not having to concern yourself with cooking will be such a help. This is when the world, made smaller by computer, is really large. I am in Pennsylvania. Sure wish I could make dinner for you.

    Praying all goes smoothly on your move back to home. Home, what a beautiful word.

  5. What kind of nutritional supplement did they put Maia on? I know how pricey it can be, so just curious if you would get coverage for it? If not you might check The Oley Foundation or I also belong to several facebook pages that offer surplus supplies for cost of shipping. I know that you are in a huge learning curve right now for the new things that your sweet Maia will need, so just wanted to pass on the knowledge I have about the pricey things called special needs supplies. Also, so glad she is coming home. Prayers for your tooth too and Matthew's surgery - prayers for strength for all of you.


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