Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting ready to move

Maia was cleared for transfer to the rehab unit this morning. Approval from our insurance company was received. The medical doctors feels she is ready and Dr. S (Maia's spina bifida doctor) is eager to get her there. We've been waiting for a couple of test results to come back. A blood level of one of her seizure medications is still pending.

Also, Maia developed some not so nice stools last evening and this morning so I asked if specimens could be sent to check for a bacterial infection called C. Diff that is not uncommon when someone has been on mega antibiotics (which she certainly has). Those results are not back either. About 10 days ago, I asked the ICU docs if probiotics should be initiated as these can help decrease the risk for C. Diff and increase the "good" bacteria in the gut. No one seemed to feel that it was necessary at that time. This morning, the new medical consultant asked if these had ever been mentioned. I explained the above and she said "Absolutely, these are indicated!" Can you see me rolling my eyes? I know... it is a difference in philosophy and practice preferences. My thought is that they certainly couldn't hurt and if it would help, then there would be no question.

This moring, Maia did show some purposeful movement in her left arm. This is progress! She has had little intentional movement in her extremities. But today, she reached out to grasp the nurse's stethescope and definitely tried pushing my hand away when I was trying to change her. Baby steps, but I am learning that I need to celebrate even small accomplishments instead of watching for drastic changes. 

At Matthew's party yesterday, Maia did enjoy some ice cream and a little cake. Today, she's made progress with oral intake as well. She ate about 80% of her pureed hot dog (must have tasted better than it looked - lol!), a few bites of mashed potatoes, carrots, and chocolate ice cream. She still isn't begging for food, but didn't fight me at all with the hot dog.

Anway... I will update later, but had a few minutes so thought I would make a quick note about what's happening.


  1. Praise the Lord, miracles are happening! Maia is making progress, YaY! The Lord is performing miracles in Maia. She will do amazing. One day at a time. Believing for miracles and healing for Maia. Praying for your family. Claiming the victory in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Celebrating the progress. Hugs to all of you.
    Jacquelene L.

  2. Way to go Maia! Small steady improvements are perfect. We will keep praying for you to show your fight and determination.

  3. Hi guys...I am picturing Maia's brain rewiring and God's hand over that intricate work. So glad she has shown some purposeful movement and isn't fighting the food. What an ordeal her body has been through. What an ordeal you are all in still. My prayers are with you and I wished I lived right nearby...to give you hugs, make you food (or get my husband too...I could bring in take out?) and support you. With that possibility lacking, know that you are surrounded by lots of cyber love! Jane


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