Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, June 29, 2012

Matthew's in surgery

Matthew and I are at the hospital. Surgery started at 8:23am. He did wonderfully this morning. Was a little bit apprehensive when we were pulling into the parking ramp. Told me that Maia got "owies" when she came to the hospital and seemed anxious. When I told him that Maia's "owies" were in her head and that his were going to be someplace else, he calmed down. Was cooperative with all of the pre-op process and he was moved quickly through to the OR.

Me???  I was surprised at how emotional I got when we were in the pre-op area. It was all I could do not to break down in front of Matthew. He didn't need to see me upset, but I really struggled to hold it together. Brought back all too recent memories of Maia's multiple surgeries. I pray that after this, we are done for a LONG time!

Please pray for Matthew - for everyone caring for him. That the surgery will go better than anticipated, that he will wake from anesthesia calmly and not have any nausea, that his pain will be well controlled. Pray that his recovery will be quick and uneventful so that he can get back to being the active boy that he is.

Thank you friends and family!!


  1. I'm sure all of us are expectant to hear the most positive outcome for Matthew's surgery and quick healing. May his recuperation be positive for better bonding with you and Mark. From your emotions at the time of his surgery I suspect you have been traumatized by the upsetting experiences of the past few weeks and I pray for your healing, Melanie. Gosh! Having a root canal with irritated gums is traumatic by itself, IMO! Praying for all of you today. Blessings on those sweet people who are bringing food!

  2. Praying that Matthew did well with his surgery and recovers quickly and as painlessly as possible. Praying your tooth feels much better today. Praying that Maia has a good day and you see some small progress. When I look back over this I have to say, you have experienced every life stress possible in a short time. Bless you!

    It is my hope that this weekend you get a little time to just sit back and appreciate the distance you have already come in this unforseen journey. I know there is far far yet to go but really you are already far from where Maia was a few weeeks ago. Celebrate every improvement no matter how small.

    Praying for your strength and peace.


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