Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, June 22, 2012

Same old

Well, it really is the "same old" routine around here - lol! Wake up, breakfast, therapy, rest, therapy, lunch, nap, therapy, rest, dinner, bedtime cares, bed.  Maia had a better day today. She was able to eat a little more at lunch and dinner. Small emesis this evening, but managed to get medications in with only a bit of gagging/retching, no vomiting. This is progress - sad as it may sound. She drank a total of almost 800ml today so IV fluids of 700ml are infusing overnight. Urine output remains poor, but hopefully will improve tomorrow.

Therapy went all right, also. She will continue PT and OT through the weekend. The PT plans to try having Maia walk using this fancy contraption where she is basically in a harness kind of thing that holds her up instead of having human support. She is a stinker and will lean on others if given the chance. This machine will force her to use her own strength a bit more. Discussed a special toilet chair for Maia with the OT. Initially, we didn't think it was necessary but have decided it will make things a whole lot easier in caring for those needs.

This afternoon, we (Mark, Maia, and I) were able to visit a member of our church who happens to be in the hospital as well. Although I'm sorry that he is here, it was wonderful to spend time with D and his family. Sometimes I feel a bit like we are in isolation here.

I wish I had the energy to blog more tonight, but I'm wiped out. Just wanted to update on how things are going. Will have more time tomorrow.


  1. Praise God for progress, even if it seems small it is still progress!!!! Good plans from PT, I think I know the equipment for walking, it is amazing. I am glad she will have therapy this weekend and labs too. It sounds like things are progressing in a good direction. I am thankful for the progress she is making. Covering you all in prayer, believing for healing and miracles, even when they seem small. Have a good rest. Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.

  2. I am happy to hear that Maia continues therapy on the weekends. Some hospitals have fewer services on the weekend, and my prayer was that they would help you address more of Maia's difficulties before you went home.

    I pray you can get some rest this weekend that refreshes you. This past month has been exhausting physically, but even more so emotionally. Try to be kind to yourselves!

    Continuing prayers that Maia's physical condition improves, eating and drinking becomes a pleasure instead of one more challenge, and any concerns you have are addressed before you go home.


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