Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, June 24, 2012

One year ago

This is my second post of the evening, so if you want to get the latest update - be sure to check out my previous entry below. I felt like it was important to separate the two because this one is really about Matthew.
As most of you know, when we left the orphanage with Maia on Christmas Day 2010, I had no idea that we would be returning less than six months later. Of course, I prayed that it might happen because I knew in my heart that Matthew was our son. But, Mark hadn't come to that realization yet.  But, God spoke to him and he agreed that we needed to go back to Ukraine.

Here is part of my blog entry from one year ago today, the day we arrived back at the detsky dom.

The Moment We've Been Waiting For
There were several caregivers watching for us when we arrived and they were so excited to see Maia. One of the women cried. We met with Angelina (the orphanage director) and Olga translated the official history and medical information for Matthew. As I’ve shared before, Angelina knew we were coming for Matthew. When she found out that we had an appointment with the SDA, Matthew was told that his parents were coming to adopt him. He has been asking every day since then if this is the day that we would come.

There was a knock on the door and a caregiver peeked her head in. The door opened and there he was! He looked a little hesitant, but Mark said that as soon as they told him who we were, his face lit up. And all of a sudden, he was in my arms...

There really are no words to do justice to the emotions in my heart today. God is so good and faithful. Six months ago, He knew that we would be here today with our son. He saw my heart and answered my prayers!

Here is a picture from that day. I was so glad to have him in my arms again!! I remember thinking how small Matthew was (I had forgotten), he came home wearing 18month-2T clothes. And Maia was in 4-5T - lol!

Matthew now - what a difference a year (and a forever family) makes!

I thank God for allowing me to by this precious child's forever mommy! His smile can light up a room and the twinkle in his eyes can melt my heart. He is loved beyond compare!!


  1. He is such a cutie guy!! Praise God, that God worked it out so you and Mark could go and adopt him. God was taking care of everything so that Matthew could be your son.
    Hugs to you all.
    Jacquelene L.

  2. Thanks for the update on Matthew. He has such a heart-melting grin. How big is he now and how do your two compare in size? You said he wore 18mo. to 2T and she 4-5 when he came home.

    Matthew and Maia are such a blessing to each other. God knew you needed that little boy as much as he needed you. Thank heaven you listened!

  3. Hi lovely family...

    Love this recollection of your time gathering your boy...he has grown so much! He is loved beyond compare!

    Glad to hear Maia's weekend was okay. I bet you are itching to get out, but you are right to make sure it feels okay. hopefully this is just GI stuff...

    If there is anythign you need, please let us know. Care packages are super easy to throw together!!!

    And you have all the prayers surrounding you...as usual...sending God's light and love and protection and his divine will your way.

    XOXO Jane


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