Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest post and meals

The following is a "guest post" by my friend Linda. She has graciously coordinated a "meal train" which will help us with some meals for the transition period home. It's very hard for Mark and I to ask for help from others, but this is something that will be a huge blessing to us - especially when I go back to work (which will be soon).

I was lucky enough to meet Melanie while she was applying to adopt this beautiful girl that she planned to name Maia. I was inspired by her commitment to fly across the globe so she could take home a little girl she had never met. Her faith was rewarded when she brought Maia home, AND fell in love with a amazing little boy in process.
While most of my time spent with Melanie has been sweating our butts off in water aerobics, I've been lucky enough to enjoy a few play dates with her and the beautiful bambinos. Watching both Maia and Matthew blossom in the presence of Mark and Melanie’s love has left me in awe. I’ve wished nothing but blessings for their family, and have enjoyed checking their blog to follow in their journey.
I first read of Maia’s illness while in Europe on vacation. I sat at my laptop and wept. When I was lucky enough to have internet access, I followed her journey while on vacation, prayed daily, and lit a candle for Maia at every church we toured. I hoped that positive energy would help lift Melanie and her family during this difficult time, but still felt like I was doing too little.
Upon our return, I sent my well wishes through emails, but still wanted to do more. I offered “to do anything” over and over and was thrilled when Melanie finally gave me the opportunity to help. Maia is coming home, and Melanie and her family will be in a chaotic transitional state for a while. During that time they will need to eat. Finally, something I could do help! Melanie provided me with the information and I simply set up the “meal train.” If you too would like to do something to help this wonderful family, please feel free to sign up and bring them a meal:
Just sign in and pick a date. Melanie, Mark, Matthew, and Maia will be happy to receive your good will (and good food!).

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