Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's been a long day and I am absolutely wiped out tonight so I am just going to post a few pictures from this morning. I'll tell you about our trip to Yalta and post more pics tomorrow.

Although you really can't see it well in the picture, there is an "eternal flame" that is in front of the brightly colored flower arrangments. YOU can see the guards on either side. The soldier in the front comes forward every so often (not sure what the frequency is) and the guards come out from their shelters and march to the opposite side - similar to our Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
 Government building (not sure what)
 Christmas Tree near one of the Stalin monuments in the square across from the Eternal Flame

Blessings to all of you! I'm missing home right now and looking forward to being there soon!

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