Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Visit Today and Prayer Requests

We went to the orphanage and were told that we were unable to see Maia today because of a cough and fever (gathered this through gestures). We called Olga to let her know because she was going to arrange for us to be with Maia during lunch today.

Olga checked with the orphanage staff and learned that Maia really isn't too sick (she's had a cold for a couple of weeks now) but many of the children have upper respiratory infections. Because it is imperative that Maia be healthy at the end of the week, they have her separated from the other kids and staff who might bring germs in. The doctor had already seen her twice this morning and will be seeing her at least once more today. That's one thing that really impresses me about the orphanage. The doctors see the kids as often as needed, staying at the orphanage overnight if necessary for the child's welfare. We were disappointed to not have time with our girl, but understand their rationale. Her being healthy by the weekend is MUCH more important than our visit with her.

In 3 days, Maia will be legally and officially our daughter! And if we are able to get all of our paperwork completed on Friday (and the red passport comes through), on Saturday we will walk our daughter out of the orphanage for the last time! What a moment that will be!!

Vitaly took us to a few shops and we bought another rolling bag since we're coming home with a few more things than we left with - a princess girl has to have a few changes of clothes to travel with! I was able to pick up a couple of other items and Olga tells me that I will be able to get the Ukraine items that I want when we return to Kyiv.

Several prayer requests for today:
- Please pray for Jesse and Lisa Harman. We don't know them personally but they were in the process of adopting their daughter from here in Ukraine. On day 9 of their 10 day waiting period, an appeal was filed to overturn their adoption. The appeals court upheld this request and Jesse is returning to the US without Yulia. I can not imagine the grief that they are feeling right now. If we had to leave Ukraine without Maia, I would be devastated!
- We found out today that the Ukraine parliament vote on international adoption is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning (Dec. 22). If passed, it could stop all adoptions currently in process. This means US and many other families! Please pray that if the vote passes, wording will be included to allow the continuation of special needs adoption and those who are currently completing adoptions.
- Maia's health and that she will understand why were were not able to see her today.

Looking forward to being home soon!


  1. Just know we are covering you guys in prayer every day. Praying for Maia's health, for the RED passport, for the vote, for a safe trip home...

    LOVE the new pics! Maia is absolutely a living doll!

    bringing home Matthew and Michael, (4)

  2. I am so sorry. I know as a momma you want nothing more than to hold your baby when she's not feeling well. Next time she has a cold though she will be so spoiled and loved on.

  3. I'm praying for you Melanie. May your Christmas be filled with joy.


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