Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Morning in Sevastopol

Well, it's still very early morning back home - here it is almost 1pm. We spent the morning in the car. There is a lot of driving and waiting. We picked up paperwork at the local SDA office, dropped off paperwork at the notary, then went to the courthouse so that Olga could file our petition to adopt. After that, we stopped at a little shop so that Olga could look for gifts to give the appropriate people. Then, off to purchase a new SIM card for our cell phone - it got locked up by mistake and is cheaper to just by a new card than try to unlock the phone - go figure! We're back at the apartment for a few minutes to grab a quick bite to eat. This afternoon, we will get to spend a couple of hours with our girl! We're taking along a couple of the toys we brought - will rotate them from day to day so she gets something different each day. And will show her the pictures we brought of family, home, pets, etc.
Continue to pray for me to feel well. I was better last night, but woke this morning to GI stuff again. :-(  On the positive side, it's a good weight loss strategy - lol! On the negative side, toilets are different than at home. Toilets are really not available for public use (women must have very strong bladders!). Yesterday, I used the restroom at the orphanage - it was a squat toilet with no toilet paper. And the toilet paper in our apartment? The only way to describe it is like crepe paper. It isn't thrown in the toilet, but in the garbage can.
Ok, now that you know more about Ukraine toilets than you ever cared to know, I'll change the subject. It is a beautiful morning here in Sevastopol. Very mild and probably close to 60 degrees F. This morning, we drove in an area which was higher elevation and we were able to see the town from above, as well as a little of the water. I will try to get some pics taken and posted later. Gotta run - off to the orphanage - YAY!

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  1. Keep posting the details!! I love learning about toilets and other little things to look forward too!!!

    Weather sounds wonderful!!! Hope you have felt better as the day progressed!!!


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