Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday in Sevastopol

We didn't go to the orphanage today. Vitaly has the day off and it is too far to walk. The break is probably ok, although my mother's heart hopes that our little one understands why we are not there today and that we will see her tomorrow.

It's been a pretty low-key day. We slept in until around 9am. Had breakfast around 11am. Mark watched a movie and I read. We walked to the street market which is about 6 blocks from our apartment and wandered through some stalls. These are quite common here in Sevastopol and you can purchase just about anything you need (as well as some items which I definitely do NOT need - see pic below). There are stalls with electronic equipment, clothes (including lingerie), small appliances, automobile supplies, alcohol, groceries, shoes, many selling produce.... We purchased a few pastries from a little bakery shop - let you know how they are later. Went back to the stand that we had purchased fruit from a couple of days ago because the gentleman seemed kind. As were were buying apples from another stand, a lady came up and spoke English to us. Turns out she was an English teacher for 20+ years and now supplements her income with a stall at the market. We didn't visit long, but told her we would come to see her again. The weather is cool and damp with a little rain so we're home for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, we will be able to visit our little one again and I am looking forward to that. We may ask Vitaly to take us to see some sites as well.

I'm sure people are wondering what Sevastopol (se-VAH-sto-ple) is like. Carrie, I just sent you an email saying the population was around 120,000 but I looked it up in our book and I was WAY off! It is actually around 330,000. The town is located on the gulf of the Black Sea and many buildings are built into the hills surrounding the gulf. Traffic and driving are like nothing I have experienced before and I have driven in New York City and San Francisco. Intersections seem to be whatever is convenient - there appears to be no effort to make them at right angles. There aren't many family size cars, mostly small ones with some SUVs. Have not seen one full-size pick-up truck. There are small pick-ups with toppers (think Chevy Luv) and some cargo vans.  Nothing like a Sam's Club or Wal-mart here! I have renewed appreciation for shopping at Super Target. Cats (kosh-ka) and dogs (seb-ah-kah) roam the streets freely. We have seen 2 cats at the orphanage (d'yetski dom) and it makes me miss my kitties at home!

Here are a few more pictures. Yes, this first one is what it appears to be. It was in the window of one of the street market stalls. Mom, don't show this to Petunia!

This is the entrance to our apartment 
 Looking down the street one way
 And the opposite way
 The courtyard inside the entrance. Our apartment is at the top of the steps on the right. Ludmilla and Sergey (our landlords) live in the unit right below us. There are 4 other units here as well.

Prayer Requests
- Mark is not feeling well today - fever, chills. Nothing serious, but pray for health for both of us. I am feeling better - thank you for your continued prayers!
- Continued bonding and attachment with our little one.
- Our official request to adopt our girl is in the hands of the SDA in Kyiv - please pray that we will receive our approval by Wednesday or Thursday. This is needed before our court date next Monday.

Thank you and blessings to everyone! Oh, one more thing... can't say we are missing the snow back home. Even though I mentioned it was cold and damp, it is still in the 40's here today and supposed to warm up again in the next few days.

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