Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Priceless Works of Art

Well, not really but since we aren't able to share pics of our girl yet - figured I could at least share some pics that she drew - lol!

We had a good visit today. Arrived just as the kids were heading downstairs to play outside. Mark was ahead of me and saw her coming down the steps. She headed straight for daddy's arms! Wish I'd had a video camera rolling at that moment.

We went for a walk around the grounds - she was happy to have a ride on daddy's shoulders again. We brought a notebook and markers today which were a big hit. I brought some bread along and we fed the pigeons, cats, and dog - Mark made a new friend (puppy). Little one thought the "arf, arf" was ok, but she wasn't too thrilled about sharing bread with him - wanted it all for herself. She also liked the sliced apple that we brought along for her. Seemed to be feeling better today, she wasn't quite so cranky. Well, at least until she got inside. From what we can tell, books must be prized possessions. We had given her the nursery rhyme picture book to carry again and once inside, she and another little girl got into a tug of war/slugging match over it. Think from now on, the books will have to stay in our bag. :-)  The kids' schedule is that they come in from play time and watch a video before lunch. I was talking with one of the caregivers and our girl showed daddy where she sits.

Came back to the apartment, had lunch, took a nap, and then walked down to the street market for a while. I'm still trying to figure out spaghetti sauce. I thought I had found it, but I'm pretty sure it was tomato paste. I may have to buy a jar of tomatoes and a jar of tomato paste to make my own. No Prego or Ragu here. I was hoping to find salsa and Doritos, but no luck. I had asked Vitaly about Doritos, but he did not recognize the name. We saw some chips at the market, but nothing close. A couple of interesting flavors of potato chips - ham and crab. Not sure either would work well for the taco salad I'm making tonight so they will be kind of plain.  Which reminds me... I mentioned the pastries we purchased the other day at the street market. I had tried a bite of one thinking it was sweet - um... nope - meat filling. So, I heated them up for lunch today. Mine was pretty good - it had some type of ground meat - I'm thinking beef or lamb (prefer not to know if it was lamb). Mark's had ham and something else - he said it had an after taste like mustard.  The other ones we bought had what looked like fish inside - couldn't manage that. Will put them out for the kitty.

All is good.

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  1. Hi Mark & Melanie - not sure if I've ever commented on your blog but I'm enjoying following your journey. We have adopted from Ukraine twice (2007 & 2010), both times we adopted a 5-year-old boy.

    I'm praying for your journey, for your upcoming court hearing, and for the attachment process and transitions ahead for all three of you!

    By the way, back in 2007 we had some chips in Ukraine that are similar to Doritos, called Patos. But we couldn't ever find them when we were there this year. They were SOOO good!

    Jenn in Georgia


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