Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 11 - a short excursion and the novelty is wearing off

Mark was feeling better today so he was able to go to the orphanage with me. Little one still isn't feeling great. She was playing outside when we got there and her breathing was pretty clear. But after about 45 minutes outside, she was "rattley" again and the nose was running. Of course, part of that was due to the fact that we were the "mean" mommy and daddy today. As noted in my title, the novelty of having a mama and papa come to visit isn't quite as exciting as it was a few days ago. She was more interested in playing than visiting (not that I can blame her - friends vs adults - no brainer). The photo album was good for a little while and the Magna Doodle was also fun today. She figured out how to clear the screen after daddy showed her how to do that. LOVED riding on daddy's shoulders! She ate a bit of apple. Can't remember what I was putting away, but she was very unhappy with me and hit at my face. Told her "nyet" (no) very firmly.  Later when we were getting ready to take her inside, the doors were regularly go in were locked so we had to go around to a different door. The tears started flowing then and again, she was mad. Hit daddy and me in the face - again, she got a firm "NYET." She said "paka" pretty easy when we left - lol! Lots for a little girl to learn about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in her new life. This type of behavior seems to be common among the children and not consistently corrected. Which reminds me... I really haven't mentioned the orphanage much in my posts, have I? Mark says is it nicer than he expected. I guess I didn't have any expectations so I can't say how it compares. We are told there are about 100 children in the orphanage and maybe 10 in her groupa. We'll share some pictures in the future, but her groupa is on an upstairs floor. In the entrance are small little lockers where their outdoor clothes are put away. There are benches where the children set while getting ready. There is a play area where there are toys and a tv with what I would describe as a kids sectional sofa type thing for them to set on while they are watching tv. There is also a sleeping area where the beds are - I only got a quick peek in there, but it is all very clean and neat. The staff care about the children - that was apparent from our first day meeting with the orphanage director Angelina and the pediatric neurologist Ludmila. They want what is best for the kiddos!

After our visit, we had lunch at McDonalds. Mark was happy for some American food even though it isn't quite the same as back home. The burgers are a little different, but the fries taste the same to me. :-)

Then, Vitaly took us to Khersones which is on the sea. It is the site of ancient Greek ruins as well as St. Voldymyr's Cathedral. Khersones is the birthplace of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church. The cathedral is beautiful and very ornate. Unfortunately, they don't allow pictures inside. But, below are a few pics from the day.

The beautiful building here is the theatre in Sevastopol.

 This is a Russian Naval Ship - part of the Russian Navy's fleet is stationed here.

St. Voldymyr's Cathedral

Greek Ruins

Mark and I with the one of the bells near the cathedral. The Black Sea is on behind us. 

 A kitty who came to visit this afternoon and enjoyed the ham scraps VERY much!

For those of you waiting to hear from me, I will try to get caught up on emails in the next day or two. I know I am way behind.

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