Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, December 6, 2010

Remember the Song - "I Don't Like Mondays?"

Well, I don't know if it had anything to do with being Monday, but our girl was NOT happy today. Not sure why - maybe it was because she was pouting since we didn't visit her yesterday. Perhaps it was because she didn't feel good. On Friday when we visited, I noticed a little cough. Saturday, she had a runny nose. Today, she was pretty "rattley" - yes, that is one of those professional medical terms!  :-)  Daddy seems to think the reason that our girl was unhappy was because he wasn't there today.

We decided it was better for Mark to stay home from the detsky dom this morning. He's not feeling well at all and for as much as he wanted to see her, we don't want to take any chances exposing the children to germs. So, he slept while I visited our girl.

Today was colder and when I arrived, she was playing inside - I'm pretty sure this had to do with her cold. The other kids in her groupa were outside already. The caregiver asked me if I wanted to to take her outside and when I said "yes" - she indicated that I should not keep her out long (assuming I interpreted her gestures correctly). So after getting her bundled up, we went for a walk. Sat on the swing for a few minutes, but this didn't keep her attention for very long. I took her to a sunny spot where it felt a little warmer and offered her some juice. Not interested. Banana? Nope! Tried the Etch-a-Sketch. Then I took out the photo book with pictures of home. That was today's hit. She wasn't too interested in the pictures, more in opening and shutting it - although she did open to pages showing daddy each time. After a while, little one wanted to go play with the other kids from her groupa so we walked over to where they were. She kept the album with her and played for a bit. It was nearing the time when I was supposed to bring her back inside so I told her to come with me. She was having none of that so I had to pick her up and carry her inside. Since we haven't seen the things that we have left on previous visits, I decided that the photo album was coming home with me and we will bring it each time. Taking that away started quite the tantrum. She refused to let me undress her (which the caregivers were not happy about) and threw herself face down on the floor crying. Finally, she got up and we started to get her outdoor clothes off. I gave her a little sesame street nursery rhyme book figuring it wouldn't matter if that stayed at the orphanage. Another little girl came, sat down beside her, and proceeded to take the book away. Little one grabbed it back and hit her. I scolded her and the other little girl then slapped little one. Oh... the life of a child - lol!! So, then I scolded the other little girl. Little one got up and went into the play area. At that point she was done with me, she kept waving "paka (bye-bye)" and telling me to leave. It was the end of my visit time anyway so not a big deal, but needless to say - she wasn't enjoying mommy's visit today. That's ok, I knew that every visit was not going to be perfect so it's not unexpected. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Afterwards, Vitaly took me to a shopping area with the hope of buying a few items for little one. I brought 2 possible outfits for "gotcha day" - a 2T and a 3T, figuring that one of them should fit. I anticipated her being on the smaller side based on what others have said. I've been reluctant to bring them to the orphanage to see how they fit because she may think they are for wearing right now. Anyway... the staff said she wears a 4 year old size. Don't know how accurate that is and clothing is not labeled the same here as back home. Vitaly asked the clerk to show me the right size for a 4 year old and I picked up one pair of pajamas and one outfit. Brought them back to the apartment and they don't seem much different than the 2T and 3T outfits except length of the pants. And I know our girl is NOT tall enough to wear those 4 year old pants. Will be glad when we get home and I can purchase things for her with the ability to return them.

Can you believe that today is our 10th day here in Ukraine? In some ways, it feels like we have been gone much longer. In other ways, it seems like we have only been a way for a day or two.  Tomorrow, we will visit again. I'm hoping the weather will be nice and Mark will feel better so that we can get out and explore a little bit.

Prayer Requests
- Mark's health, Little one's health
- Bonding and attachment with little one

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