Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, December 19, 2010

All about daddy and our Yalta Trip

Saturday's visit with Maia was all about daddy! We arrived at the orphanage and the kids were outside playing so we walked out to their play area. Maia saw us and came running (well, walking as fast as she can - lol!). I picked her up and hugged her, then passed her to daddy for his hug and kiss (our usual routine). From that moment on, she only wanted daddy. Mom was chopped liver - lol! She would only hold his hand, let him pick her up - she was daddy's girl. No... my feelings are not hurt - on the contrary, those were sweet moments!

On Friday, Vitaly took us to Yalta. The city is east of Sevastopol and the road is quite curvy and scenic. Here's a view out the car window.

This chapel was on the side of the road about 20 miles outside of Sevastopol. 
At the site of the chapel, there was an overlook. This is the view overlooking the Black Sea.
It was a misty day.
Still at the site of the chapel and overlook. Newly married couples climb over the railings, up these rocks, paint their names & tie ribbons (for luck and to commemorate their day). Then, the grooms carry the brides down the very steep stone steps. Would hate to be a groom on a wet day (they were very slippery)!
The road to Yalta

We were able to tour Livadia Palace which was built in 1911 for Tsar Nicholas II. It was also the site of the Yalta conference with Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt (FDR) in 1945. The palace and grounds are beautiful.  Yes, those are palm trees in front of the palace!  

 This is the White Dining Room where the signing of the Yalta Declaration took place. At the far end, there was a much smaller table with flags marking the places where Stalin, Churchill, and FDR sat.
 Street vendors outside Livadia Palace
 Yalta waterfront, the waves were fairly big since it was kind of stormy.
 Bank clock in Yalta showing international times
 Christmas Tree on the Waterfront in Yalta - note McDonald's behind it (that's where we ate lunch)
 On our way back to Sevastopol, we stopped in Alupka to tour Alupinksi palace. Unfortunately, the interior was closed but we were able to see the outside and walk the park which was beautiful even in the rain!

 Clouds over the mountain (the photo doesn't quite do it justice)
 The trees in the park were probably my favorite thing of the whole day.
Their structure and form were so strong and elegant.
I could just feel the integrity and history (they also looked like they would be great for climbing!).
 Kitty sitting on a bench in the park. Cats and dogs roam freely here.
 There were two swans swimming in the pond.
 You can't tell from the photo, but Mark and I had climbed up some rocks and were about 5 feet in the air. Another amazing tree behind us - it was growing sideways.
 View of castle from the sea side.
 Back in Sevastopol - one of the better looking apartment buildings.

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  1. What fun y'all are having! I'm so glad you got to tour a little! How neat!!!


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