Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy to see us, Bad Haircut, and Bakhchysaray

We were able to see Maia this morning. Olga called to check with the doctors who said that Maia was doing better, although they still had her separated from the other kids. They requested that we not take her outside which was fine. We arrived at the orphanage and Masha (one of the employees who speaks a little bit of English) took us to what I would call an infirmary. When Maia saw us today, she immediately got a huge grin on her face and yelled "Mama" and "Papa." She was so happy! That lasted all of about 15 minutes - lol! Then, the tantrums started because she was throwing her markers on the floor and we wouldn't let her have new ones until the old ones were put away. She did not want affection, although I did catch one sweet moment when she laid her head down on daddy's leg.

 Yesterday was hair cut day at the orphanage. Olga had asked that Maia's hair not be cut, but there must have been some miscommunication. Poor girl - we'll have to start over growing that beautiful blonde hair.
 After our visit with Maia, Vitaly took us to Bakhchysaray which is a small town about 30 minutes NW of Sevastopol. It is considered a Tatar town. The views on the way were amazing!
 Khan's palace - unfortunately, they were closed so we were only able to take photos of the outside, but it was beautiful as well.
 We walked down the hill, past those cars, looking for an artisan workshop I had read about.
 Poor Vitaly - I don't think he was planning on accompanying us to the USTA workshop, but he must have been concerned about where we were wandering off to - I glanced back and he was behind us. This was on our way back to the car after visiting two studios and being able to speak with the husband of the workshop founder. I wish we had taken a picture of the location - it was probably 6-8 "blocks" off the main road, a dirt street with chickens roaming around, and a very small easily missed sign to tell us we had arrived.

Olga arrived this afternoon and we enjoyed a relaxed dinner with her this evening (leftover soup that I made yesterday). Tomorrow, we will visit Maia in the morning. Olga will make arrangements with the director for our "gotcha day" Saturday or Sunday - not sure which yet. 

We will pick up our court decree tomorrow at 5pm  - Maia will be "officially and legally" ours!

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  1. She is still super cute, even with short hair. I can't wait to meet her.


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