Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We've Got the Court Decree!

This won't be a long post because it's late and we have to be ready to run tomorrow morning. It has been a really good day! The news you've been waiting for is actually the last news of the day, but since it is already in the title of the blog... there's no keeping you in suspense.

Yes, Olga received our court decree at 5pm this afternoon. I misspoke yesterday when I said that the court official wouldn't sign it, though. In order to apply for Maia's passport, we have to go to the registrar's office. The court official had contacted the registrar's office to see if he/she would accept our signed court decree today. The registrar stated that because it had not been 11 days (10 day plus 1), our decree would not be accepted until tomorrow. So, that is why we weren't able to get it until today. Anyway... what is important is that we have it!! What does that mean? We are OFFICIALLY Maia's parents!

Legally, there are still a couple more steps. Tomorrow, we will apply for Maia's new birth certificate which will be changed to state that we are her parents. We will also apply for her passport which will legally allow us to leave the country with her.

Our morning visit with Maia was very sweet - I'll tell you about it soon. Afterwards, Vitaly and Olga took us to see a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church - this was a touching experience. Then, we had a surprise excursion which was amazing (more to come with pictures)!! Lunch at a Ukraine restaurant, we had manti which are a minced meat steamed dumpling - VERY good.

We do have some specific prayer requests for tomorrow:
- Expedient processing of Maia's new birth certificate so that we can apply for her passport ASAP
- RED PASSPORT - please pray that this is still available to us. If we have to wait for the blue passport, we may have to seriously consider coming home for a couple of weeks due to the Ukraine holidays
- Favorable travel arrangements - we are considering flying back to Kyiv versus driving (I just can't stomach the idea of the train ride again). Either one will be all right. But, just pray that we are able to obtain reasonable airfare or hire an appropriate vehicle/driver for the trip to Kyiv.

Thank you in advance - we know that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and appreciate your prayers and support during such a busy time. We are sending love and blessings to all of you!

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  1. Please ask your facilitator if there are any red passports in any other regions and that you are willing to pay for it. I heard this from another couple that did this a few years ago. They paid around $500, but were willing to pay much more, compared to a trip home for their entire family. We ourselves did get an immediate passport in the Lviv region.
    Wishing you well and praying for a quick return home. You are missing another six inches of snow today.


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