Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still Punky

We're concerned about our girl. Maia has been "under the weather" for 4 days now. She's very lethargic, not eating, and cranky. A definite change from last week. It's all vague symptoms - nothing I can put my finger on, but worrisome. Trying to sort out possible causes... she hasn't been pooping well which of course can make a person feel rotten. Is she grieving/depressed because she misses the orphanage and other kids? She's had an upper respiratory infection for several weeks now - is that contributing? Maia had 7 immunizations just over a week ago - I'm kicking myself for letting them give all of those to her at the same time and wondering if that is the cause.
We've also noticed that at times, she gets quite pale, dusky around the lips. Last night at dinner, her fingertips were blue. These episodes are intermittent and only last a few minutes but definitely aren't normal. She doesn't have any respiratory distress and they aren't related to exertion.  Her blood work from last week showed mild anemia, but was otherwise fine so nothing to direct us there.
Today, we saw the cardiologist. He was very nice and thorough. Physical examination was unremarkable except for a very slight murmur. Maia had a chest x-ray and echocardiogram this afternoon. She tolerated the tests very well, but I think some of that can be attributed to how lethargic she is which is not a good thing. She will have an ECG tomorrow morning. We will see the cardiologist back for test results tomorrow afternoon.
That was about the extent of our day. Mark was able to play with his skid loader for a little while and had fun with that! Trying to work on some of the post-adoption paperwork which is not so much fun. Have to use a little self-discipline and get to it!
Please pray for Maia's health. Pray that the doctors we see will have wisdom and discernment to determine what may be causing our sweet girl to have these issues.


  1. Praying for your little girl!

  2. Lots of prayers going up. I can only imagine how scary this must all be. Give her lots of hugs and kisses.

  3. Sorry to hear about Maia's punkiness :( It certainly could be the vaccines overloading her little system. I have read that supplementing with Vitamin D helps the body deal with vaccines so maybe you could start her on that. Were you required to have them all done for immigration? We are adopting an HIV+ child and one of my concerns is whether or not they will require her to have many shots before coming home or if they will let us do them on a more stretched out schedule so as to not overwhelm her already compromised immune system...


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