Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Maia!

Today is our daughter's third birthday. It is the first birthday that she has ever "celebrated." I use that term lightly because really, she doesn't have any idea what a birthday is all about.  But, we celebrated for and with her! Yesterday, Mark's parents as well as his sister Betsy, Tim, Gavin, and John visited. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of Maia in her rocking chair - a present from Nana and Papa - will have to post that soon.
Maia opening her present from Aunt Betsy - a cute red sweatsuit with bling on it!
 We had birthday cake which Maia was not too sure about. She wanted to grab the burning candles. Wasn't at all impressed with the cake and ice cream. Next year, she hopes Aunt Betsy will make and decorate the cake because mom's attempt was pretty lame.

We decided we were going to attempt church this morning - there were so many people who were eager to meet Maia. I was a little concerned when I remembered it was communion Sunday because the service lasts a little longer. Maia did VERY well - she had a couple episodes where she fussed briefly, but overall was content to sit and look at books. At the beginning of our service, there is a time where we greet each other. Of course, everyone wanted to greet our girl. I was pleasantly surprised when Maia reacted with a little bit of shyness and wanted to be close to me. Indiscriminate friendliness is not uncommon in children who have been institutionalized and although Maia does show some signs of that in 1:1 situations, I think this was a positive sign from an attachment standpoint.

After church, we headed towards our favorite restaurant - Famous Dave's - for lunch with my parents. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday (Happy B-Day Dad!) so we celebrated his and Maia's birthday. Maia did great there, too. She loved her mini corn dogs. We had a coupon for free dessert so Mark and I decided to split the Kahlua brownie. Maia was sitting between us and when the waitress brought the dessert out, Maia was quite excited. She took a bite of the whipped cream... then a bite of the brownie... then a bite of the ice cream... and our girl was hooked!

 Maia didn't understand how to open her presents, but after I showed her she quickly got the hang of it. She got a cradle for her doll from Grandmama and Grandpa, a Hello Kitty toy, a fun light, and book.

Happy Birthday sweet girl - you are loved by so many, but especially your daddy and mommy!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, Maia! How wonderful you got to celebrate it with your forever family. I'm anxious to see how you grow and change over the next year! :-)

  2. I just wanted to thank you both for being so diligent with your blog posts. Yours was the first 'real time' blog I have ever followed of a couple in-country' and I have really enjoyed sharing the journey with you in this way. I am so happy that you got your girl home! I LOVE seeing the photos of her!

    Thank You!

  3. Ha[[y Birthday Maia!!! I didn't realize she had the same B-day as Jaxson :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Maia! I love that you are HOME and celebrating it with your mommy and daddy!!!!

    mommy to Matthew and Michael, home 12-24-10

  5. Give her a belated Birthday hug for me!

    I can't wait to meet her on Saturday!


  6. Happy Birthday Maia!


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