Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Month Ago

Just over two months ago,Mark and I left Minnesota for Ukraine on a life changing trip. And one month ago today, we boarded a plane in Kyiv that would bring our newly formed family back to Minnesota. Two months ago, we had dreams of what our life would look like. One month ago, we were just starting to get to know our daughter.  Although in some ways our life was much simpler in Ukraine, it sure is nice to be home! The past month has went so quickly.

Since tomorrow is the one month anniversary of our official homecoming (we walked in the front door shortly after midnight), I will save the official one month post until then.

Maia and I went to story time in Rochester this morning (thanks for the invite, Linda!). It is held at a toy store that specializes in educational/developmental toys. Maia did well, she stuck pretty close to me but seemed interested in what was going on - at least for a little while, lol! I think it's good for her to see how the other kids act and respond. I'm sure we will attend again.

I will leave you with my new word for the day... "Pajada." Perhaps there is such a word - who knows? I was helping Maia get dressed this morning and asked her to take off her "pajada" bottoms. More proof that my brain is mush! :-)

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  1. Oh my! How time flies! Thanks for the reminder to look at the calendar! I suppose I should put together a "one month home" post too. LOL So glad things are going well for you!


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