Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, January 10, 2011

Belated Christmas and the first of many appointments

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas with my parents. Maia got a couple of gifts that she really is enjoying.

 Here we are in front of the Barbie Christmas Tree
 Maia with Grandmama and Grandpa Jerry

Maia's still not feeling great. She's sleeping quite a bit and not eating much right now. Today was a tough day for her. In preparation for her EEG this morning, she needed to stay up later last night and we had to wake her up 2 hours early this morning. So, she was not a happy girl but really tolerated the EEG pretty well. This was done to check for seizure activity. We would love to taper and discontinue her anti-seizure medication if she doesn't need it. Will find out the results next week.

Tomorrow, we see the pediatric cardiologist and I'm looking forward to that. Over the past 2 days, we've noticed some intermittent cyanosis of her fingers and around her mouth. That's concerning to me. We are not aware of any major cardiac problems and have never observed these symptoms before. I'm anticipating and hoping that an echocardiogram will be ordered.

After this morning's EEG, we visited with Mark's parents. Maia was so tuckered out that she slept through most of the visit. Lazy afternoon. Mark attempted to apply for Maia's SS card, but we've got to file some other paperwork first. UGH - I hate paperwork!

Overall, I think things are going well with Maia's adjustment. There were a couple of major tantrums today.  She did figure out that mom can be just as stubborn as she can and that screaming doesn't result in getting her way so that's progress (at least for today). But, Mark and I also got some cuddle time with Maia when she was sleepy which is always precious. We're just lovin' our beautiful girl! Oh... almost forgot to brag - today's words (whispered) are "nose" and "eyes." YAY!

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