Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick update from today's appointments

Just a very quick note to say that Maia's appointments went well today. She had a hearing evaluation first. This is standard practice in children who have speech delays. We really didn't anticipate anything abnormal and this prayer was answered. I guess it does confirm my suspicion that our girl has selective hearing, but that's to be expected - lol!
Next, she had an occupational therapy evaluation. Maia started off impressing the therapist by putting Mr. Potato Head's eyes in the right place. I was on the phone with her (therapist) right then because Mark wanted to make sure that our concerns about aspiration were clearly communicated. Anyway... the therapist was telling me how smart Maia was and how great she was doing. Found out tonight that as soon as we hung up, Maia proceeded to put all of Mr. Potato Head's other parts in the wrong places. :-)  This therapist was the same one who was going to be doing the swallow evaluation tomorrow so she did a preliminary assessment today. Based on that and our conversation, she thinks that with some cues and teaching from Mark and me, Maia will do just fine. We had been very concerned about the way she was drinking... the OT told Mark she is "suckling" and will grow out of it. Interesting...
They had a break after those appointments and had lunch with Nana. Sounds like Maia had a great time playing. This afternoon, Mark learned how to do the catheterization. He said Maia tolerated it very well.
Had a good evening, although Maia might disagree since mom ruined her night several times by forcing her to wait for food. Still working on the bowel regimen. Boy... if poop was gold, we'd be really rich!
Glad tomorrow is Friday!

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