Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Doctors Visit

Maia had her first doctor's appointment today. Since my specialty is geriatrics, I'm not familiar with the pediatricians in our practice. So when I was asked who I would like to be her primary care provider, I said a quick prayer and chose the female consultant who was taking new patients. Maia is used to female physicians so I thought this would make sense.
She was very nice and thorough. We left with the consults ordered that I was hoping for: cardiology, urology, neurology (and neurosurgery), as well as the Spina Bifida clinic. Maia will also be seen by ophthalmology  for her eyes. The doctor recommended that we restart Maia's whole immunization schedule so the poor girl got 7 shots today. She was a trooper!
After the doctor's appointment, we had to go to the lab for some blood work and a TB skin test. The TB test went fine, but after several attempts to draw blood - we decided to wait for a few days and try again when we go back to get the TB test read. One arm had no vein possibilities for drawing blood. The other arm had a vein that seemed like a good site, but it rolled/disappeared and they weren't able to access it. So, it really wasn't a pleasant experience while the IV tech "dug around" looking for the vein. I hated to think of subjecting her to another visit, but it didn't make any sense for them to keep trying. The lab tech asked two of the "pediatric experts" to come in and check her veins without luck. We are going to push fluids and bundle her up very warm before going back next time.
Add to that, the second day without an afternoon nap and our girl had some tough moments this evening. She went to bed without fuss and is sound asleep. I think she's got the right idea....

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