Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, January 7, 2011

another bad day

We had to put our dog to sleep today. He had a cyst on his side for some time. That cyst was small and not hurting anything. In the past few days it got as big as my fist. I asked the vet to take it off and let me know how it goes. She called me and said it went very deep and smelled bad. I told her not to wake him up. Our dog Dryfus was great with anyone, just wanted to be played with. We got him a road kill raccoon for a toy (not real road kill, it was a stuffed toy with no stuffing) He loved that toy.

More bad news, I went to take a fitness test for work before I could return. The results said I am not strong enough. I find it hard to believe I'm not strong enough. I can lift up the back of a small car, I know I can because I have done it. So I have 60 days to meet this fitness goal or I'm out of a job.

And Maia is still sick, getting better I think but still a little sick. And to make it even worse for my wife, she has to spend all day with me :)


  1. Oh man, praying for your strength, the little cutie's earache, and for healing after the loss of your dog.


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