Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Monday, August 13, 2012

Status Quo

Not much for excitement around here today, but yes... sometimes that can be the very best thing. Work was a little calmer than Friday (I really needed that). When I got home tonight, I decided that I was going to put the kids to work. Matthew helped make garlic bread for dinner. I put Maia in her chair at the table and had her "help" me make desert. I helped her dump a package of oatmeal cookie mix into a bowl, add some cranberries, and other ingredients. We then stirred it together, poured it in a pan, and baked them. Had them warm with ice cream... best desert ever with one of the best helpers ever!! She seemed to enjoy the activity, so think we will be busy in the kitchen again soon.

It was nice to have a little slower pace this evening and I'm looking forward to having the day off tomorrow. It's our usual day of appointments - Matthew has speech in the morning. Maia has PT and OT in the morning and speech in the afternoon. So, lots of running to/from. And perhaps trying to find a bit of time for fun in there as well.

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  1. Melanie I think the cookie mixing and walking around the block is very exciting. Good for you trying new things and getting the kiddos to help.
    Sounds like progress to me, YAY!!!!!
    Every little bit of progress no matter how small is still PROGRESS!!!!!
    I think you are doing a very good job of managing Maia's new developments and helping her to progress.
    Jacquelene L.


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