Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A little humor and YAY Maia!

Every now and then, I outdo myself with my cooking. I don't do it on purpose, but all of a sudden as I am putting food on the table, it occurs to me...

At least for that meal, I am the QUEEN of the monochromatic meals!!

I really should take a picture when it happens 'cuz it's pretty comical.

A few weeks ago, it was orange.
Sloppy joes, carrots, cantelope. I think we even had orange jello for dessert.

Tonight, it was white.
Fish, tator tots, cucumbers (in sour cream), and cauliflower.

What should it be next time?? Any ideas?

Ok, on to the more important stuff. Matthew's hanging out at Grandmama and Grandpa Jerry's house for a couple of days - enjoying time with Sabrina and Guillaume, playing with Suki, and having a blast! He was so cute yesterday morning. I told him that Grandmama was coming to pick him up so that he could spend the night there. He got this big grin on his face and said, "Perfect!!" 

Maia's here at home with us. I took her to therapy yesterday. Linda (the PT) hadn't seen her for two weeks and said that she's making "huge progress!" Maia and I showed Linda how she is now starting to walk up the stairs with help. She's also less fearful when I attempt to walk down the stairs with her.  
Amy (the OT) worked on grasp (Maia still struggles with holding on to anything with her right hand) and also trying to keep her focused. Right now, attention span is only a few seconds on any given item. We've got to work on that at home, too. She gave me a suggestion for some baby food items to try at home to see if Maia would start feeding herself. When dinner was over tonight, I got out the banana rusk crackers. And here is what happened after I put one in Maia's left hand.

She ate nearly the whole thing by herself which was pretty exciting! 


  1. I vote for red! Hot dogs, baked beans and tomatoes! Strawberry jello for dessert. How's that?
    It is so wonderful to see Maia doing some independent things. I keep her in my prayers.

  2. YAY for Maia is right! Way to go girl!

    Love the monochromatic theme for supper. LOL Love to see a picture next time. :)

  3. Maia!

    YOU GO GIRL! How I love seeing Maia's beautiful face and hearing about your boy!

    That made my day....I can't wait to meet you all someday....

    But first, I will get settled in our new home!

    Sending you love and love and then a little more love...

  4. YAY MAIA !!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!
    Yes, keep trying new things. This is very much the same as what happened with my husband when he started feeding himself. Before you know it she will be running!!!! Prayers are being answered. She is your miracle girl!!!!!
    Wow this news just made my day. I believe she will be talking. Good things are happening.
    Prayers and hugs to all of you.
    Jacquelene L.

  5. What good news! Self-feeding is great progress - forget monochromatics; finger-foods are the way to go! French fries, chicken nuggets, apple slices, carrot sticks...cookies for dessert!:-)

    Seriously, I am so thankful that Maia is recovering so well, and that her therapist confirmed her rapid progress and has good ideas about additional ways to help her. As for her speech, would using "pattern" picture books be helpful? These are books with repeated patterns of both plot and language - "Brown Bear, Brown Bear,What Do You See", "Mr. Gumpy's Outing", etc. are good examples. If Maia is not ready for these, perhaps very simple board books and nursery rhymes (leave off the last rhyming word of previously family rhymes and see if she attempts to say it) would be a good fit. Also, have her point to things in the illustrations, using her weak hand if possible. I was a children's librarian; can you tell?? ;-)

    It's said that listening to music helps reconnect damaged brain pathways, too...it seemed to help my mother following a very severe stroke.

    Sending all good wishes to Maia and her family!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE
    (and retired children's librarian)

  6. Congratulations, Maia! We cannot wait to see the family face to face. Peter commented today that Timothy has one of the same facial expressions as Matthew. "Did they learn that at the orphanage?" he asked. Can't wait to see how God works in these little ones lives. Love, The Gillis Family

  7. Aargh, make that "familiar rhymes", not "family rhymes" in my post above. My typing gets sloppy as bedtime approaches or is postponed, it seems.

    Off to bed,
    Susan in Ky
    (..Hoping things get less eventful for you shortly)


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