Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Checking In

Sorry I have been missing in action for the past few days. The weekend flew by.  Friday was absolutely crazy at work and I came home feeling completely drained. We had our usual pizza and movie night. Matthew chose "Free Willy" as the movie. It's the first non-animated movie that he has chosen and I was curious to see how it held his interest. I was amazed at how Matthew enjoyed the movie. He's very intrigued by whales and sharks right now, so that made a difference.

Yesterday morning, we decided to take Maia for a walk. Matthew drove his tractor so that he could give Maia a ride in his wagon if she got tired. Mark and I stood on each side of her, holding a hand. We walked around the whole block (so basically, 4 BLOCKS!!)!! Yep, you read that right! She was a tired girl, but she did it!

In the afternoon, Mark and Matthew went to the airpark to work on things for the upcoming fly-in. Matthew enjoyed running around, driving his tractor, burning off some energy. He got to see an ultralight land and sit in it. He was so excited to tell me about it when they got home.

Last night, we were able to see my parents and friends from France, Sabrina and Guillaume, who are visiting my parents for several weeks. It was fun to meet them for dinner. Matthew had only been home about a month when Sabrina and Guillame were here last year, so they were able to see the changes that a year has brought. They brought wonderful treats for us to enjoy, too!

This morning, we had church in the park. It's our little town's annual festival and our church was asked to host the outdoor service. Even though it rained, we enjoyed the change of venue. There was some great special music provided by some of the young adults in our congregation. As Meghan and Trevor were singing "Super Hero," God really touched my heart. I was thinking about Maia and her illness, feeling so thankful for all of our friends and family who prayed for our warrior girl. God showed me an image of angels interceding on her behalf and coming before Him during those difficult days, begging for her life. It brought me to tears and is not something I will soon forget.

Although I am still sad that she has had to endure so much, God is faithful. We are seeing progress and thank Him for that. Maia is getting stronger and showing more interest in things around her. We are starting to set some limits again with unacceptable behaviors (such as pinching, grabbing glasses, etc.) and let me tell you, the girl is not too happy about that - lol! That's ok, she will learn.

Matthew was so cute tonight (before the attitude reared it's head again). He went over to Mark and said, "Please dad - you hug me." When Mark did, Matthew said, "I wub u, you a good daddy."  Which reminds me... Friday when I got home, he asked me to take a "nap" with him. A "nap" is basically a couple minutes of cuddle time on our bed. So, we were lying there and he was giving me a hug and kiss. As I mentioned before, I was wiped out. Matthew got right in my face, patted me on the head, and said, "oh honey... it's ok." He sure made me giggle! :-)

And that's what's happening around here. Hope you had a good weekend!!


  1. Thanking God for weekends that refresh the body as well as the soul. Especially thanking God for every single small and large improvement that Maia makes. I am praying for more signs that Maia 's brain is healing and making new pathways around the injured areas.

  2. Peyton was so excited to see Maia outside on Saturday morning when we were on our way to the park for the festivies there. He said "Mommy, I see Maia, she is home now." it was so cute. He was so excited to see her outside. Hope this week is good for all of you.

  3. Yay Maia! That's a good sized walk for any kid. We are overjoyed to hear that she is making progress. We are trusting God in her recovery. One thing is clear, He chose the best possible family for that little girl. She is so lucky to have parents and a brother who love her so dearly. Can't wait to see everyone again. Take care. The Gillis'


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