Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday, August 3, 2012

Prayers requested for Maia

MRI was scheduled for 9:45am. It was a limited scan so took less than 15 minutes. Maia was scheduled for Neurosurgery follow up at 2pm. Mark had just pulled in the driveway at home (10:30am) when my pager went off. Radiologist is concerned about placement and possible malfunction of Maia's shunt. Neurosurgeon doesn't want to wait for 2pm appt. Mark is at ED now with Maia for evaluation. Possibility of surgery. UGH! Please pray for our girl!!


  1. I am so sorry about this, but how fortuitous that Maia had her MRI today and that this problem was discovered.Poor little girl - she's been through so much, but is blessed to have such a loving family, so many caring friends, and dedicated medical professionals to care for her.

    Maia and all of your family are in my prayers. I'll also contact my church and have Maia placed on our prayer list.I hope some of your local friends can join you while you're waiting for the results of Maia's evaluation.

    Thinking of you,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  2. Praying fervently for Maia and you as well. It sure feels like a break for Maia is overdue.

  3. Prayers for sweet Maia you have all been through so much please keep us posted if possible


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