Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Saturday, November 27, 2010

We made it!

Left home yesterday morning at about 6am -thanks to Mom and Dad H and Gavin for the ride to the airport! Overall our flights were really uneventful. Our flight from Chicago to Frankfurt was delayed by about 45 minutes which was probably good because we didn't realize right away that we had to go to an entirely different terminal to report to US Customs and Immigration. That also meant we had to go through security an additional time. I have to say that the security people in Minneapolis were AWESOME! I was very impressed with them, Chicago was ok, Frankfurt wasn't bad. The overnight flight was long. Poor Mark didn't get much sleep at all. I managed to doze on/off for a couple of hours which helped.

As we were waiting for the bus to take us to the terminal in Kiev, we started visiting with a woman who is an adoption facilitator here. She was bringing a young boy home from a trip to the US where he had been visiting a host family. There was another group that we had noticed, woman and 3 girls. Struck up a conversation with them while waiting in line. The family is bringing home Nadya from RR!

Olga, our facilitator, was waiting for us as soon as we walked through the exit. She brought us to our apartment which is very nice. I was going to try to post pictures, but they are taking a while to upload. I may try later when I have more patience. It is right off Independence Square which is the "hub" of activity. On the 5th floor (thank goodness for elevators). We have a entry, bedroom/living area, small kitchen, and bathroom with a washing machine (YAY!).

Internet is hooked up (obviously) and we were able to exchange a little bit of money. Olga will be back later this evening with our cell phone. She said she will show us where we can buy a few things for breakfast, etc. There is a Mickey D's right outside the front door and a restaurant called the Potato Hut about 1 1/2 blocks away which is supposed to be cheap and very good. I think we are going to try to venture out because we're both hungry. Should be interesting!

Looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation tomorrow. Our SDA appt is actually Monday at 9AM - not 1pm. We will leave for our region on Tuesday evening. Getting close!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers - they are felt!!


  1. Can you believe you are really there???

    You better get the picture thing working!

  2. Glad you are safely through the first leg.... Praying.... Enjoy your weekend and REST!!


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